About Cristian Bucur | Photographer in Tokyo

Who is Cristian Bucur,
Photographer in Tokyo Metropolitan Area?

Cristian Bucur Photographer Portrait
Osaka Castle in the Background

I am a relentless person, a passionate photographer specializing in portrait, family, corporate, event, vacation, and pet photography, outdoors, or in the studio. As I always like to say, I specialize in being not specialized, this being the reason I never cease to take on new assignments and projects I never did before. I am a dog lover, cycling enthusiast, husband, gardener, currently living together with my lovely wife on the outskirts of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

My love of photography dates back to a single humorous moment in Romania in 2009. It was when a friend “photobombed” me, in what was for me then, an otherwise ‘perfect’ image. This little occurrence inspired me to study and use Photoshop to remove my friend from the picture. Without the intention of offending to my friend, this was just a reflection of my obsession with wanting things to be ‘just right.’

From this funny origin began my fascination with the idea of crafting perfect photographs – with or without Photoshop. Experience had taught me that it is best to obtain the best results in-camera. Yet passion without knowledge leads to artistic frustration and angst.

So patiently and systematically, I refined my understanding of how to create and capture the meaning, impression, and feelings I wanted these images to convey. On 16th December 2016, I proudly graduated from the New York Institute of Photography’s The Complete Course in Professional Photography and embarked on my journey. Ever since, grappling with the beautiful, intricate dynamics between subjects, composition, perspectives, and lighting, has been a source of growth and wonder for me. It drives me and hopefully speaks to you also through my photographs.

Cristian Bucur Photographer Portrait
Photo Taken in Bali
One of the rare instances I was in front of the camera.

They say, “If You Love What You Do, You’ll Never Work A Day In Your Life.” This quote accurately describes how I feel every time I touch my camera. Having photos to download on the computer, the entire process of selecting the best photos, developing the raw files, gives me great satisfaction. Of course, crème de la crème is when I receive “thank you” messages from clients who have seen the photographs I made for them, or recommendations from previous clients. It is s such an immense reward.

Probably you are asking if becoming a photographer is what I have prepared and schooled for; you might have guessed already. The answer is no, not even close. I have two bachelor’s degrees after being a student at the Faculty Of Law and Faculty Of Agro-Tourism And Management.

Why I love Portraiture, Events, Headshots, and Pets Photography?

Since the beginning, I have photographed everything in front of my camera. From insects to landscapes, step by step, graduating to event and family portraits. When most people are in front of a camera, they release truly themselves: shy, gentle, or fearful they won’t look right. Portrait photography, for me, is the ultimate way to be able to “know” someone, and make his soul’s radiography.

I have always considered a skilled photographer can take on any genre of photography as long as they are intertwined. For example, after photographing the first family event, I was sure I was ready to shoot any corporate events. However, the “feeling” and aim is set apart from one another, and I fully understand it. I’ve been working six days a week in a suit, in the baking system. I guess no one wants to see a crying CEO in front of a crowd, but a mother seeing her daughter getting married. 

Because I am a photographer in Tokyo that continuously develops his skills, I like to believe that I specialize in being not specialized. One of the latest addition to my skills is to photograph pets and people in the studio.

Being a dog “owner” gives me an insight on how to work with dogs, and regardless of their size, all dogs behave in very similar ways. Don’t think I only limit myself to photograph dogs, because the list wouldn’t be even nearly complete. Snake, Budgerigar, rabbit are also animals that I have successfully photographed in a studio-like environment, and I am looking forward to growing the list.

Studio Self Portrait (headshot)

Until 2020th, I have never done studio work specifically for headshots portraiture. I am always trying to challenge myself, and headshots were one way to learn and achieve more experience and knowledge as a photographer. Having to work with various light modifiers, reflecting surfaces, was yet something to conquer. Unlike any other genres I shoot, studio work allows me complete control of what happens with the lights and shadows I capture.

Moving in Japan in 2019th and working as a photographer in Tokyo, (read here what I have done during the first month), I have discovered yet another genre of photography, vacation photography, where clients are tourists visiting Japan. If you think this is boring, trust me, you couldn’t be more wrong. Every time I fall in love with the reactions I can capture during photoshoots when people are naturally being impressed at various tourist sites all over Tokyo. This is the one thing I am hoping to keep alive in myself: to continue being a tourist with all the happiness that comes along.

Having taken thousands of photos all over the world, I am currently living in Yokohama, Japan. If you also feel a compelling passion for having your perfect images, be it a family photo sessionportrait, a christening, a business presentation, let’s collaborate on your dream.


Worked for:
Finnish Embassy in Seoul, published article here.
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in South Korea
Kidde Fire Systems
The Seoul Real Estate
Urban Land Korea Institute