Individual Adult Portraits

Is it so wrong to focus on yourself sometimes and take some time out just for you?

Of course not. You spend so much of your time doing for others. You’re never in pictures cause you’re always the one taking the pictures to document these memories. But what about you? Don’t you deserve a wonderful photograph that accurately captures you for who you are? Of course you do.

Taking a professional portrait boosts self-confidence – it can display a different side of you or allow you to express yourself in ways you usually wouldn’t

Looking at yourself in the mirror doesn’t let you see yourself the way others do. You’re busy trying to take it all in while making subtle adjustments. And even if you are happy with what you see, you don’t have a photo to show off. Get a portrait taken of yourself that you can be proud of.

Getting your professional portrait taken allows you to focus on yourself in a guilt-free way. After all, the photo shoot is all about you – you’re the star. You love your new haircut and want to preserve it. Or maybe you want a safe space to express yourself creatively. Whatever the reason, everyone deserves a ‘me’ day, and you’re no exception.

That formal headshot isn’t projecting the image you want for your business or your blog. You’re jealous of those great, natural, care-free pics it seems everyone else has on their site. A professional portrait can allow you to project a polished but more casual image of yourself.

So, regardless of the reason, invest some time in yourself. Treat yourself to a stunning portrait in Metro Manila that shows the world who you are.

Bronze Photo Session
1 Hour Shooting Time
Single Location (Bonifacio Global City)
Up to 20 Edited High-resolution Photographs

₱ 5.000

Silver Photo Session
2 Hours Shooting Time
2 Locations* (Bonifacio Global City/Metro Manila)
Up to 40 Edited High-resolution Photographs



Gold Photo Session
3 Hours Shooting Time
Multiple Locations* (Metro Manila)
Travel time, time for wardrobe changes are not included in the shoot time
Minimum 60 Edited High-resolution Photographs