Photographer in Tokyo | Cristian Bucur

Family Photography

Family photography is not only essential to serve as documenting and preserving the likenesses of the members, but also to remind how important we are for each other. Displaying your family portraits prominently in your house is a great tool to transmit and maintain the value of family connection, which from thousands of years is still the core of our society. Read more here.

Couple Photography | Save The Date | Proposals

I consider couples’ images a sub-genre of family photography. Thus, my most enquires are for Save The Date and Proposals. As a photographer, creating fantastic memories for couples is my specialty, be it in Tokyo or beyond, anywhere in Japan.

Photography for Athletes | Fitness | Bodybuilding | Cycling

Photography session for athletes who does fitness, bodybuilding, cycling -you name it- is a fantastic way to document and preserve your best shape ever. Knowing the amount of hard work you put down to become your best version, I will produce amazing images to reward your efforts.

Pet Photography is Love | Studio Sessions

Photographing your beloved animal, is Love- and the ultimate description of Pet photography. Making professional portraits of your dog, snake, bird, is my innocent pleasure. Woof-woof!