“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

— Aaron Siskind

  • Family Photographer Tokyo
    November was a busy yet a beautiful month for me as a photographer based in Tokyo Metropolitan area. Beautiful weather and great temperatures only helped me and the clients I … Read more
  • Professional Photography Session for a Bodybuilder
    Last time I had photographed a bodybuilder/fitness athlete  was in Seoul, South Korea. That time around was my Serbian friend who has been competing for Asia Grand Prix, Figure Pro … Read more
  • Portrait Photography Session
    A while back, Daria and I have made a plan to meet at Tokyo Station and explore the area in order to get her some portraits. If you wonder who … Read more
  • Portrait Photoshoot in Asakusa, Tokyo
    A while back I heard from Jay who is from Singapore, that he wants to have some outdoor portraits done. Please allow me get this straight from the beginning, Jay … Read more
  • Vacation Photographer Based in Tokyo
    It seems like a coincidence and a repetitive action, but as a vacation photographer I got yet another opportunity to photograph another Italian in downtown Tokyo. As you probably remember, … Read more
  • Pet Photography in Tokyo: Snake, Budgie, Pit Bull, Rabbit
    I should probably start this article saying that photographs in this blog post are straight out the camera, no edits other than applying my logo. You probably know already that … Read more
  • Corporate Events in Tokyo
    It feels almost like a life time since people would have called me a “corporatist”. You know the type, white shirt, black tie, black or grey suit, black shoes.  Wearing … Read more
  • Family Photographer in Tokyo
    My love for the art of photography has been hidden deep in my artistic soul. I remember as a child when my mother would show me black and white photos … Read more
  • Pet Photography in My Tatami Room
    Being a photographer involves equal amount of dreaming and desire to develop and improve photographic skills. It's been a while since I wanted to have my own photo studio and … Read more
  • Fiat Golden Art Exhibition
    It is always a privilege and great joy to see other photographers' work on display during exhibitions, and Tokyo has plenty, every day. The abundant artwork range in Japan is … Read more
  • Save The Date
    Time to meet Phillippa and her fiancé Shunya. Beautiful inherited ring A while back I had talked with Phillippa and her fiancé about a Save the Date photoshoot. After exchanging … Read more