Vacation Portraits

Show off stunning pictures that’ll make friends and family so jealous, they’ll be on the next flight to the Philippines

Whether traveling alone or with others, professional vacation portraits are the perfect memento of that special trip. Let’s face it, this could be your one and only trip to Metro Manila. Make sure you have worthwhile photographs of the unforgettable memories from this trip.

I’ve got you covered. As a resident of Bonifacio Global City, I know all the hot photo spots. I may even share a few of my favorite secret spots with you that most tourists would miss. As an added bonus, I can also be your tour guide. I’ll share some info about the spots we’re shooting at, as well as some things you might want to see and do after our shoot.

If you’re traveling alone, you’re stuck taking photos of scenery without you in them. Or you’re forced to take selfies while attempting to capture some of the background in each image. Even if you’re with a group, someone is always missing from the photo because they’re the one holding the camera. With professional vacation portraits, everyone’s in the photo and the scenery is always on display.

All the photos you receive from me will undergo some professional editing. Thus, you can rest assured that the beautiful turquoise ocean and the brilliant orange sunset will be as vivid as you remember. And of course, everyone in the photo will look their absolute best.

You’re on the trip of a lifetime. Why not remember it with some stunning photos you’ll cherish for years to come?

Bronze Photo Session
1 Hour Shooting Time
Single Location (Bonifacio Global City)
Up to 20 Edited High-resolution Photographs

₱ 5000

Silver Photo Session
2 Hours Shooting Time
2 Locations* (Bonifacio Global City/Manila)
Up to 40 Edited High-resolution Photographs



Gold Photo Session
3 Hours Shooting Time
Multiple Locations* (Metro Manila)
Travel time, time for wardrobe changes are not included in the shoot time
Minimum 60 Edited High-resolution Photographs