Couples Portraits

Couples portraits are ideal for connecting as a couple and getting professional photos at the same time

You’ve finally found that ‘special’ someone. You want to preserve these memories of ‘puppy love.’ Or maybe you’ve been together for years and want to show your partner you still love them as much as you did in the beginning. No matter how cute they are, those couple selfies never quite do the trick.

There are countless reasons to take time for each other and embrace professional couple portraits

Whether you want a great looking reminder of your trip to Japan with your partner or to preserve the memory of an important stage in your relationship, a professional couple portrait is a great idea.

If you’re visiting Japan, I know several popular locations to capture your special memories. I also have my own quieter, lesser-known, go-to locations that I’d be happy to share with you. The choice will always be yours.

If you’re marking an important stage in your relationship, professional couple portraits are great practice for the big day. You get some practice time in front of the camera and can try out some hair and make-up ideas. Or maybe you want to reminisce on that surprise proposal. Either way, couple portraits make great ‘save-the-date’ announcements. They can also be inter-mixed with casual snaps in an Our Relationship slideshow.

Spend an hour or two focused solely on each other in a fun, relaxed setting, celebrating your love for each other. As a couple, it’s the least you deserve.