Athletic Portraits

You’ve done the work, you’ve sacrificed, you’ve trained harder than all the rest – now it’s time to show it off

As an athlete, you’ve committed to becoming the best physical version of yourself you can be. Preserve this achievement in an athletic portrait. Showcase your hard work and share a side of yourself that family and friends don’t always get to see. 

Properly executed, athletic portraits are striking – celebrate that perfect body with a stunning image, anywhere in Bonifacio Global City

Photographs of bodybuilders, cyclists, runners, skiers, snowboarders, etc., all present unique challenges. Having taken so many different styles of photographs helps me make you shine in your pictures, no matter your sport.

Bodybuilding / Fitness Portraits

You’ve dieted. You’ve lifted weights to exhaustion. You’ve spent more hours on a treadmill in the past year than most will spend in a lifetime. Yet you spend most of your day wearing clothes that hide that body you’ve worked so hard to sculpt. Put that hard work front and center with professional athletic portraits.

Photos from events often have distracting logos in the background. You’re competing for the spotlight and the lighting isn’t ideal for photography. Booking a session with me allows you to be the sole focus and to get the shot you want.

Cycling Portraits

It’s almost impossible to capture a decent picture of yourself on a bike. Smartphone selfies while riding are never adequate and they can be dangerous. You love your hobby. Love yourself and share it with the world. In my photographs, you’ll always be on the podium anywhere in Bonifacio Global City.


Capturing this skateboarder as the sun was rising was a fun shoot. It delivered a balance of great portrait and action shots. Show off your style, skills, and personality to the world.

River Surfing

Though I enjoy being in nature, I’m happy to photograph you enjoying your sport anywhere. Shooting these guys practicing for the real thing in January was quite an experience. I’m hoping to take images of you anywhere in the Philippines.

Winter Sports

Though it doesn’t snow that often in the Philippines :), when it does, we’re on vacation. Managing to get some great action shots of skiers and snowboarders is almost as magical. Let me capture you carving down the mountain or grabbing some serious air.

Bronze Photo Session
1 Hour Shooting Time
Single Location (Bonifacio Global City)
Up to 20 Edited High-resolution Photographs

₱ 5.000

Silver Photo Session
2 Hours Shooting Time
2 Locations* (Bonifacio Global City/Metro Manila)
Up to 40 Edited High-resolution Photographs



Gold Photo Session
3 Hours Shooting Time
Multiple Locations* (Metro Manila)
Travel time, time for wardrobe changes are not included in the shoot time
Minimum 60 Edited High-resolution Photographs