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Happy New Year, everyone! As a headshot photographer living in Yokohama, I took a break around the 2020-2021 winter holidays, mostly for a DIY move from Tsuzuki-Ku to Aoba-Ku. The renting contract was coming to an end, and my wife and I were looking for a house with 2020 features, like floor heating, double glazed windows, and a heated bathroom.

As a professional headshot photographer, I start 2021 with new goals and ambition to take my headshot photography to a new level this year and, provided the pandemic, go away to open my own photography studio. At the moment I do all my studio photography in my house. This allows me to offer a more profound and personal experience to everyone in front of my camera. Of course, no business headshot session would be complete without a tasty coffee, be it an espresso, cappuccino, or filter coffee, that I proudly make myself while helping my clients relax.

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Professional corporate headshot photographer in Yokohama

Talking the other with a friend who is a professional photographer in Japan made me realize that I was focusing my photography business too much on Tokyo and almost totally ignore the potential business in my own yard, Yokohama. Rightfully so, Yokohama is home to a large business market that is always in need of business headshots.

Yokohama Headshot Photographer
Studio headshot with white background

As a professional studio headshot photographer, I am always striving to offer my clients the best experience. Because of the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, I limit my studio headshot sessions for only one person a day for obvious reasons. I am always wearing a mask, and I have sanitary gels ready for use.

Although 2020 was a challenging year for me as a photographer, it was otherwise a year of growth, when I spent a lot of time learning the invisible but crucial aspects of the photography business. Polishing my skills as a Yokohama headshot photographer, I am proud to deliver the best images I can make to everyone who steps in front of my camera, tailored for every need. I am here to help your business grow or to define your personal branding.

Headshots photography session for personal branding

Speaking of personal branding, nowadays, we all need portraits due to limited physical contact and an expanded work life from home. As compelling as it may sound, a quick phone snapshot won’t be enough these days. Elaborate studio headshots and portraits that convey a specific message are the norm and, in some instances, the only way to show off one’s charm and character. You probably know the saying, an image makes for a thousand words.

Featured in these photos is someone(who shall be nameless) who needed updated studio photographs for her business, in different formats, headshots, portraits, with both back and white backgrounds. One hour headshot session was enough to create all the images you can see below. One-hour shoot will secure you six (6) professionally edited headshots and portraits high-resolution digital photos, with the possibility for you to purchase any additional photos you may like at an additional cost of ¥1500 per image.

As a professional headshot photographer, I will edit your images according to my style, but the skin enhancements (especially for ladies) will respect your needs and desire. For those younger, where age still brings little temporary skin imperfections, I will make sure to heal them before delivering the final portraits.

Are you looking to hire a professional headshot photographer in Yokohama? It would be my honor to be working with you. All you have to do is contact me by pressing the button down below to secure your studio session now.

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