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In my work in Tokyo for studio portrait photography, I collaborate with many creatives. Tailoring a studio portrait session for a fantastic makeup artist was fun and an excellent opportunity for getting to know Noriko-san (in Japan, every name will have the word san at the end). 

Noriko-san is a fantastic person and a talented makeup artist with whom I was collaborating for a professional headshot photography session. She took care of the flawless makeup for the session.

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Tokyo studio portrait photography for a talented MUA

I always prepare my home studio sessions in detail. I clean up my favorite portrait lenses and charge the studio lighting system’s batteries to make sure I have enough power available throughout the entire shooting time.

Because I am a professional studio photographer, at all times, I try to stay at the top of my game, always discussing in detail with my clients what they need, what they desire, and making the best photo session experience for them.

Noriko-san is a talented makeup artist who needed to reveal her fantastic personality and show off her portraits’ approachability. I have studied and thought about a few posing and lighting techniques for studio portrait photography for her session to enhance her headshots even further.

Studio portrait photography in Tokyo
Noriko-san and her golden brushes.

I said it many times before that I always find inspiration in people dedicated to their passion, and Noriko-san is one of them. She is actively trying to build a local multicultural community for women, giving support for those concerned about living in Japan. See below the English description :

We support multicultural women that live in Sayama, Saitama.

Well-being Make wish that multicultural people and Japanese people can live peacefully together no matter your nationality, language, or skin color.

We support multicultural women through plain Japanese/English, Active listening, and makeup. 

Our activities: 

1. Join us for Meet up 

Do you have any worries?

You can talk to us anytime you have some concerns about living in Japan and making new friends through a multicultural society.

2. Makeup 

Have you ever felt that you can’t be yourself by living in a foreign country?

We’re listening to you carefully, and we’re going to encourage you with counseling and makeup to help who you are. (By using makeup therapy to helping recover yourself)

3. Some international friendship events

Quote courtesy to Noriko-san’s website

Noriko-san lives in Saitama, a place I have yet to visit, like many other gorgeous places in Japan. Among others, she is actively giving life support, makeup lessons, to those who are in need, or simply interested. How awesome is that? Giving back to the communities we are part of is such a beautiful thing to do. I wish more people would be so involved in helping and growing up the individuals in need.

Studio portrait photography in Tokyo
Noriko-san and her “easel”

I’m very grateful for being able to meet and work with such talented people. Being a makeup artist is unique. Every MUA is doing a very personal work, using the human face as a canvas. Makeup and photography are fantastic tools to capture and document the human face, elevated and enriched, just like a white canvas, by fine painter skills.

Creative branding studio portraits

Having such a fantastic model in front of my camera made my job a dream. Instead of tight headshots, I opted for a broader framing to show off more of the beautiful makeup artist I had in front of me. Because she is a bright person who likes colors, we opted to add color to the black background. Some of my favorite studio portraits of her are having a blue and green-tinted backdrops.

Using creative lighting and color gels throughout my studio sessions helps to define who the professional is in front of my lens. I love blue color because it is a complementary color to human skin vividness, making the studio images pop even more.

As a professional photographer, I am in love with colors. I am very rarely converting images in black and white. I believe that rich colors are enhancing studio portraiture. In a world with devices capable of capturing and reproducing images up to 8K (ultra high definition) would be a waste of resources not to use colors. I use an iMac with a 5K- twenty-seven inches screen, capable of reproducing incredible details with a fantastic color range.

Everyone will eventually need a studio portrait in this day and age, be it for a diploma or a job application. Creating a branding image is essential nowadays. We all need such representations of ourselves to either develop brand recognition or convey a specific look. As a photographer, I, too, need images of me. I remember that I needed to apply to a photography agency in Tokyo not long ago, and I realized that I had no recent portraits. Luckily I could set up my camera on a tripod in my home studio and create a few self-portraits using a remote control for the camera.

If you, too, need studio portraits to create brand awareness for your industry, all you have to do is click the contact button down below. I would proudly make your portraits in my home studio, or at your office anywhere in Tokyo or Yokohama.

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