Tokyo Studio Photographer, Formal Portraits with a Fun Twist

As a professional studio photographer based in Tokyo, creating professional-looking headshots go beyond formal attire, adopting a more casual outfit, too, serving a broader need in a world continually demanding new branding images.

In my work as a studio photographer, I cover not only formal head and shoulders portraits, known as headshots, but also more relaxed representations, although in formal attire.

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Formal studio portraits with a fun twist

People hire a studio photographer to create looks to cover a number of uses. Sometimes, although the clients need formal images, those need to reproduce their personality. In this case, the entire portrait session had only one guideline: to be casual and fun.

We discussed the approach of the photoshoot in detail over a coffee, right before it started. The coffee before every portrait session has a vital role in bringing ease to everyone involved and make the clients feel like in their own homes. After all, it’s a home studio, and I open the door to welcome everyone to have a fantastic time.

Good music, the one I listen to, or the one you like it, alongside with my ferociously loving dog, will make everyone enjoy studio photography. If you’d like to have a good read and understand why I’m mentioning these many details about the experience of having a portrait session with me, I have written here the most common five reasons why people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera

Nowadays, there are many extremely talented studio photographers, and the differentiating details are usually residing in the experience we deliver to the client. As a professional photographer who has been traveling around the world, I have learned to appreciate any life experiences deeply.

Branding portrait session by Tokyo Studio Photographer Cristian Bucur
Studio headshot by the Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur

As a studio photographer, my ultimate goal is to deliver the best experience I can to every one of my clients. After a portrait session, everyone will remember how they felt in my home studio and talk about it. I can bet that almost nobody will mention the gear nor the studio lighting scheme I used to obtain a technically perfect representation of their likeness.

I am your favorite Tokyo studio photographer!

I am a true believer that studio photography should be a fulfilling experience and not only a service to satisfy the demand for studio portraits. As a studio photographer at the beginning of my carrier in Tokyo, I have long term plans.

Growing up in a conservative society, becoming a creative professional photographer was never something I could have dreamed of, even in my wildest dreams. I was taught that choosing a traditionally “safe” profession should be my top priority, the reason why I have studied the Faculty of Law and graduated at the top of my class.

Luckily, a life-changing decision took my wife and I to a different road. Choosing to live abroad is the reason I have discovered photography, and I started to dream freely.

Here I am in downtown Tokyo, in a Starbucks coffee shop in Akasaka, writing this article and daydreaming about becoming your favorite studio photographer. Building my way up in this fantastic and creative world of photography in Japan is beyond anything I could desire.

Everything step I did in my life, I believe, is a stone set to define who I am today. #ilovemylife is one of the hashtags I use on my Instagram posts where I post as often as I can, sharing headshots after every portrait session I have in my home studio. Hopefully, next year, the early spring will bring to reality my dream to have my own studio, a space to unleash my creativity.

Studio portrait for personal branding, LinkedIn, Slack, and office badge
Studio headshot by the Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur

I have to thank my little dog for discovering studio photography, and my ever supporting wife, the rock I lean every day. Without them, my life would be meaningless.

How about you? What are your dreams? I would like to hear from you in the comments down below. I’m sure you have plans too; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading a Tokyo studio photographer’s brave words.

Are you looking for a portrait session? I would love to be your studio photographer at your office anywhere in Tokyo or at my warm home studio in Yokohama.

Studio portrait for personal branding, LinkedIn, Slack, and office badge
Studio portrait for personal branding, LinkedIn, Slack, and office badge
Studio portrait for personal branding, LinkedIn, Slack, and office badge
Studio portrait for personal branding, LinkedIn, Slack, and office badge
Studio portrait for personal branding, LinkedIn, Slack, and office badge
Headshots for personal branding, LinkedIn, Slack by Cristian Bucur headshot photographer in Tokyo

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