Alana | Tokyo Portrait Photographer | Amazing Session in Shibuya

Portrait photography is the best way to preserve one’s likeness. As a portrait photographer in Tokyo, I know Shibuya is one of the most popular places for shooting. This article is all about the fun I had during a lovely shoot started at the most known crossing in the world. Because I know we are all busy, down bellow is the table of content, feel free to jump anywhere you want saving your precious time.

Shibuya “scramble” crossing, my favorite place as a portrait photographer

I have visited Shibuya Crossing for the first time in 2014 during a business trip in Japan. The memory is as vivid today as it was then: thousands of people crossing the intersection at the same time. I remember I arrived at the crossing late in the evening, and I felt overwhelmed. Needless to say, I took countless street portraits that night.

Exploring the area, revealed a humongous amount of restaurants, souvenir shops, coffee shops, where tourists and locals alike can spend quality time, building lifetime memories.

One of my all-time favorite places is Genki Sushi, and as the name suggests, it’s a sushi place that doesn’t skin off your wallet. ☺️ One good tip is once you get there to sign up your name and the number of people you want seats inside on the list so you won’t have to wait for too long.

Portrait photography session in Shibuya, Tokyo, by the photographer Cristian Bucur
Photo taken right while crossing the iconic ”scramble” intersection

Alana, model, living in Tokyo

A while back, Alana contacted me for a photoshoot in downtown in an urban setting. I couldn’t have asked for a better model to shoot.

“Hello, I am a freelance model in Tokyo, looking to expand my portfolio 🙂 my Instagram is mari_kitsunebi. I would love to shoot with you!”

As a portrait photographer is always a great joy and fantastic time to shoot with models; it takes off a lot of weight from my shoulders, not having to direct the posing. Shooting with Alana was an easy task. She is not only a professional model who knows how to pose perfect, but who looks gorgeous.

Alana describes herself as “a fantasy/travel writer and model in Tokyo.” At first, she was a student in Tokyo, later to fall in love and get married. Besides her natural beauty, she’s also an amazing person and a fantastic writer who blogs about Japanese folklore on her site Yokai Street. We had a lot of fun wandering around the magic streets of Shibuya.

Outdoor urban portrait taken in Shibuya by the Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur
Alana has a fantastic hair, isn’t she?

We were looking to make images with different looks during the shoot, from casual to street and fashion portraits. At some point, as expected, the places become well overcrowded, a moment when I had to forget some of the rules I usually follow as a portrait photographer and “streetprovize.” To explain what I mean, see the image below.

Outdoor portrait photoshoot in Shibuya, by the Tokyo photographer Cristian Bucur

Every time I see the photos with Alana, I’m impressed with how dedicated she is while posing. As a person and as a photographer, I always find myself inspired by people who are 100% committed to their dreams. I take my energy and confidence to continue to pursue my dreams and goals in life.

You can read one of my other blog posts from a shoot I did for a bodybuilder on a back street very near the place where I made the photo above—an inspiring story for a man that goes all-in.

Are you looking to hire a portrait photographer? All you have to do is to press the contact button down below and tell me about your wishes. It will be my pleasure to guide you through Tokyo’s streets.

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