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As a Tokyo headshot photographer, I quickly realized that people want casual headshots, too, not only formal ones while wearing a suit. Casual studio headshots are usually used in a less formal environment, while maintaining the professional studio look. And yes, because the word of the day implies relaxation, people will feel less pressure to “perform” in front of the camera.

For casual studio headshots, after presenting my clients what options they have, they choose from time to time, instead of a white or black background, a creative solution like below, using a blue-tinted background. The blue works particularly well showcasing the skin color, making the portraits stand out even more.

In this blog post, the Tokyo headshot photographer Cristian Bucur is writing about:

Casual Studio Headshot by Cristian Bucur Photographer in Tokyo
Studio headshot by the Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur

Creative Tokyo headshot photographer

As a Japan-based photographer, being creative is a must. The same rules apply to being open to failure. Yes, it sounds harsh(and honest), but failing it’s “the proof for trying,” as I read the other day a post on Instagram. It’s hard to admit, but sometimes failure is the only way to discover new paths for improving and developing skills for gaining more experience. 

I haven’t always been specializing as a Tokyo headshot photographer, but more centered around families, couples, events, and pet photography. My desire to be a complete photographer, while relentlessly evolving while learning new techniques allowed me to tackle the studio photography, at first for pets, and then for humans.

Because I love photography, I always try to combine elements from different photography genres. The same generic set of rules applies to a headshot in the studio or one taken during an outdoor family shoot. The differentiating details reside more in the concept of the photographs.

Enough of me writing how awesomely creative Tokyo headshot photographer I am. In the gallery down below, you can find one image which has a black background. Have a look and let me know which look you would choose for yourself. If you don’t like blue, don’t worry: white, black, green, red, and yellow are also options for headshots.

In my studio portfolio, you can find quite a few looks to choose from for your own headshot session in my home studio. My plans include renting a space for studio photography. Unfortunately, the pandemic is making things slower than I wished for my business. 

Casual headshot in studio by Cristian Bucur Tokyo Headshot Photographer

Hire a studio photographer in Tokyo for casual headshots

Are you looking to hire a photographer for a few casual headshots in a studio-like environment? Nothing easier than clicking here to book your session. At the moment, I have two options: either you visit my home studio or visit your home or office. The choice is yours; my home studio has disinfectant gel as well as napkins and a spray I use to disinfect after each client I have. And free parking 😎

As a Tokyo headshot photographer, I am available anywhere in the metropolitan area, including surrounding areas in Yokohama or Chiba. If you put up the space, I can travel easily by car to create your desired formal and casual headshots during one session.

The headshots presented in this article, serve the purpose to be an example. You can wear any outfit you may want. Kimonos and Yukatas could make fantastic shots because now (August 2020th), my home studio is in a Japanse tatami room. 🥰

Thank you for reading my article until the end. Since you are here, I’m sure I am your favorite Tokyo headshot photographer. You should contact me for a studio session to create some fantastic casual headshots you can share anywhere online or in print. Yes, you will receive full-sized JPGs ready for print. 

Casual Studio Headshot by Cristian Bucur
Casual Studio Headshot by Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur
Casual Studio Headshot by Cristian Bucur
Casual Studio Headshot by Cristian Bucur Photographer in Tokyo
Casual Studio Headshot by Cristian Bucur
Casual Studio portrait by Cristian Bucur
Casual Studio portrait for personal branding
Casual Studio portrait for personal branding
Casual Studio portrait for personal branding

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