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As a Tokyo family portrait photographer, it is my privileged honor to capture your loved ones’ portraits preserving each family member’s likeness. The importance of family photography goes beyond simple images; the families’ photographs will be serving future generations with a precious history lesson which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Shooting family portrait sessions in Tokyo’s urban nature is a second nature to me, and a must, if I may say, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing during every family session is by default. I always suggest smaller, not so popular locations like Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, which is a fantastic place, very popular for autumn family photoshoots during November and December.

Family photography in the Greater Tokyo Area is an industry of its own, considering that every family photographer has access to over (38.000.000) thirty-eight million people. This fact leads to a range of photography styles to suit every family’s demands, from lifestyle, documentary, vacation, a few of which I write more in detail down below.

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Tokyo Family Portrait Photographer

As a family portrait photographer specializing in outdoor family sessions, I know that fall is always one of the favorite seasons for photoshoots. Many families choose autumn for shoots, to have fresh family portraits to share with the extended family members in the shape of Christmas cards, a brilliant opportunity to make a very thoughtful present on the eve of the holidays.

Tokyo Family Portrait Photographer

For me, family photography is a genre that brings me the most joy and fulfillment. Every portrait I take, be it of a gorgeous mother, a proud father, or a happy child, is a reason for happiness, knowing that family will enjoy that photograph every time they see it for many decades. The power of such an image is unparalleled, being at the same time a family’s history page and a great reminder of what they used to look like in the past.

It may not sound as important, but try to imagine when your child is a grandparent showing to his grandchild portraits of him at the same age. I remember from my own experience as a young man when I first saw my father’s photograph taken at the age of eighteen, like I was at the time: my brain was confused for minutes, as I couldn’t remember when I took that photograph! It was such a powerful and fantastic moment. The resemblance of our likenesses was an absolute mirror.

As you can imagine, as a Tokyo family portrait photographer, I cherish every moment I spend with every and all families that book me as their personal photographer. If there is one thing that family photography and living in Japan have taught me is to treat every moment during the family shoots like a unique, unrepeatable moment.

Family Lifestyle Photographer in Tokyo

Whether you call me Tokyo family portrait photographer of family lifestyle photographer, it’s all up to you and the approach you want in your images. Lifestyle photography for families happens when I don’t intervene with directions for poses or choose spots on the locations, focusing more on the photographs’ candid aspect, and photograph moments as they happen.

Tokyo Family Portrait Photographer

As you can see above is a candid portrait of a toddler who wouldn’t want to leave his mother’s lap, let alone listen to any of my directions. I believe this fantastic child portrait would not have been possible otherwise.

No matter your child’s age, as a Tokyo family lifestyle photographer, I will tailor the photoshoot around you and your family’s needs. There are no two families the same, and each shoot is and should be different.

Tokyo Family Documentary Photographer

Are you looking to hire a Tokyo family documentary photographer to capture a full day in your life? That’s great news because I offer one (1) full day photography session to document your family for the entire day, starting with your breakfast in the morning and finishing after dinner. Contact me now if you want to know more about this service.

It is common for new families to hire a photographer to document their entire wedding day. Trends come and go, but nowadays, it’s becoming more and more common to hire a family photographer to record and capture a full day of your family, without it being a special celebration. Usually, the photos go in a beautiful printed family photo album, an excellent choice to remember you for a lifetime that incredible day of your life.

Senior Portrait Photographer

Since I start living in Japan, as a Tokyo family portrait photographer, I receive many inquiries for family photography. Senior families are too on the list of the most exciting families I shoot with great care, slowing down the pace to absorb their personality and learn from their experience. I sometimes listen to their story without taking a picture for minutes at a time, only to capture that moment when they look into each others’ eyes. A priceless look that says more than a thousand words ever could.

In my experience as a senior portrait photographer, I learned precious lessons from every senior family I have shot. More often than not, senior families choose locations out of Tokyo, opting for countryside serenity over the city’s urban vibe. See below the article showcasing a senior family shoot at Kitaguchi-hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine, located in the Yamanashi region:

Tokyo Vacation Family Photographer

It is well known that the Japanese capital draws countless families to visit it. As a Tokyo family portrait photographer, I have the opportunity to capture families during their vacation here, doubling as a guide showing them around little places I have learned myself since I was a tourist in Japan for the first time in 2014th.

Seeing the awe and joy every family has during their vacation in Tokyo serves me as a reminder to not take for granted everything around me and keep myself curious and happy like every tourist is when is visiting a new place.

As a family vacation photographer based in Tokyo, I learned to capture every family photoshoot with new eyes, new ideas, creating unique photographs to remind them with great joy about their vacation. Of course, the pictures will be a great way to show back home to their friends and relatives what they have been visiting.

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