Tokyo Family Photographer, Great Mother&Son portrait session

Being a Tokyo family photographer, I had the privilege to capture many great families with children. As a family portrait photographer, my top priority is creating valuable, life-long lasting memories for you.

Family photography is, and should be, a service that many families should enjoy more often than only for special occasions. I sincerely believe that we should benefit from what digital photography can offer in this day and age.

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Tokyo family photographer for dynamic families

My experience as a Tokyo portrait photographer specializing in family photography taught me to honestly believe in the power of documenting and preserving the likenesses of all family members, throughout every life stage. Every family will have a dynamic vibe to set it apart from others.

Tokyo Family Photographer
Mother and son wearing matching outfits during a family session.

Your family is essential, and every second matters. That’s why the importance of booking a family session shouldn’t be reduced to only capturing special events. As parents, there is no wiser way to show children how important they are in the family than proudly displaying your family portraits in a beautiful print hanging on the wall.

As a Tokyo family photographer, I am fortunate to have been photographing a gorgeous mother with her son during a family session. Kai is probably one of the most energetic and happiest kids out there. His positive vibe and curiosity are unbounded and very contagious. His continuous play, doing goofy faces, never ceasing to discover things, and bugs, made my day filling up my soul with a great vibe.

Tokyo Family Photographer
This photo and the one above are literally seconds away: pose=>car passing=> start playing.

I am a convinced familist, thus starting to work as a freelance Tokyo family photographer was more of a call than a rational decision. There is something special about capturing kids plays, families’ laughs, all in a rush, never fully predicting when the next candid moment will happen. The unexpected elements keep me patiently focused on capturing the next best family portrait.

I will be frank: in my experience as a family portrait photographer, I find that rarely mothers will have modeling experience. This session was one of those rare instances to have the pleasure of shooting with a professional model. And I admit that I got carried away, and the results look like fashion photography rather than family photography.

Tokyo Family Photographer

Tokyo family photographer | Tips for family photography with young children

There are many tips for family photography, and I will write here for you only a couple of them which I have learned over the years, and I think they are the most prolific ones. All details combined can make for a great experience during a photo shoot.

The tip with the most significant importance, in my opinion, as a Tokyo family photographer, is to consider first the youngest members. Children have different energy levels during the day. The best timing for a family session is when the kids are the most active. This way, you are ensuring the success of your family shoot.

A second tip is to ensure everyone gets a good night sleep. And yes, that applies to mothers as well! It would be redundant to explain what happens to your young kids’ mood the day after a late sleeping hour.

Nothing else breaks my heart as a Tokyo family photographer than to photograph a tired child who is crying due to lack of sleep or hungry. I believe kids should enjoy their time and feel like they are the most important family members.

The above brings me to another important matter in family photography. If you are breast-feeding your toddler, don’t be shy to ask for a break during our session. The well-being of your child is important to me. I can keep capturing the candid moments with you and your little one, or I can focus on other family members.

As a family portrait photographer, I encourage families to be natural. There is no need to prepare fancy brand new outfits. Any plain clothes like the matching outfits the mother and child are wearing here are elegant and help make fantastic family photographs.

To close the list with tips for families interested in a photo session, make sure you depart on time from your home. Rushing up your kids will impact their moods and will show later in the photos. Making sure that you keep a relaxed pace before the shoot keeps them calm and happy.

Are you looking to hire a Tokyo family photographer? It would be my pleasure and an honor to capture your shared moments with me. All you have to do is press the contact button down below, and I will make sure to guide you to have the best family photography session experience.

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