Tokyo Family photographer | Amazing Kamakura session

Ever since I started photography, nothing makes me happier than being a Tokyo family photographer. A senior family shoot is unique in its own way, and I absolutely love doing it.

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Senior family shoot Kamakura with the Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur
Senior family shoot. Torii gate at the entrance to one the of the many temples in Kamakura.

Senior family photographer for a session outside of Tokyo

In my activity as a family photographer, I’m proud to say that I have been shooting from young families to senior families. I am myself a member of a young family, and I can only appreciate and learn from my experiences and interaction with seniors. It came by no surprise the request to shoot in Kamakura for these senior folks. 

Over time, I learned that young families choose to have photo sessions at places more instagrammable, which are usually more crowded, while the seniors select more serene areas. 

Kamakura is an area in Kanagawa, absolutely gorgeous to visit any time of the year. This place is one of the most visited ones outside Tokyo because it’s easy to travel there by subway or bus. It offers a multitude of temples, gardens, torii gates, and local Japanese architecture, making this place a must-have to visit. 

Hosting hundreds of restaurants, this is an ideal place to spend a day wandering around and discovering the local sites. Making everything feel like a walk in the park is what I did during the photo shoot with the most lovely senior family I know.

Besides being a talented senior family photographer, I used my knowledge skills to double as a local guide and talk about the little things I know, which was so much fun!

The family has appreciated and valued the time spent with me so much that they booked me for another shoot in Kitaguchi-Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine, well outside of Tokyo. This time, my whole day was only for shooting and traveling around with this family. But that for another story.

Senior family shoot Kamakura with the Tokyo Photographer Cristian BucurSenior family shoot Kamakura with the Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur
Move the slider to see the before/after image. Yes, I pay a lot of attention to details.

Senior Family Portrait Session in Kamakura

Shooting in the Kamakura area requires a little bit of planning, but all starts with booking my services as a family photographer based in Tokyo, which is the easiest of tasks. 

All you have to do is to fill-up the form and press send. As an extra measure for your peace of mind, I’ll plan everything for you because my ultimate goal is to have the best experience ever and have zero things to worry about.

My help extends from helping you find the most appropriate way to travel from your local accommodation place to Kamakura to explaining what you are going to expect during the photo shoot. All are steps you don’t need to waste time thinking about until I leave you to enjoy a nice meal in a Japanese restaurant.

For me, the Kamakura area is the closest you can get to have a little taste of Kyoto’s vibe. Almost everywhere, couples wearing Japanese yukatas (summer version of kimonos) enrich the experience of being a tourist.

The entering ritual of washing hands before going to the main shrine of the Buddhist temples is also one of the things to do and experience while in Japan.

While I know very little about all these things I wrote above, living here for almost two years allowed me to be able to entertain you for the whole length of the photography session, even if you choose the Gold Photo Session (or a full day- mode details upon request). I am a people-oriented person, thus sharing life experiences comes naturally for me.

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