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Studio photography is an opportunity for me as a professional corporate headshot photographer based in Tokyo to pursue a creative activity producing professional-looking headshots and portraits.

As a business headshot photographer, my work is of the utmost importance to create images that appropriately reflect my clients’ needs and personalities. Corporate headshot photography is an entire world of its own, allowing me to meet fantastic people eager to take advantage of my studio photography services.

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Professional corporate headshot photographer in Tokyo

Tokyo’s corporate industry is a vast market, and as a business headshot photographer, I am very humbled to serve it. As a former banking employee, I know that the first impression counts the most, and we rarely get a second chance to build up an excellent reputation. The same rules apply to headshots photography; frequently, I have only one hour to create three or four looks for a client. Besides making great headshot and portrait photographs, my goal is to provide something more than a service, a remarkably enjoyable experience.

At the moment, I create studio photography in my little home studio, a lovely Japanese tatami room that I love calling Tatami Studio. Plans include renting out a space near downtown to have a proper suited place for studio photography. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, a slight delay must happen; as everyone else has suffered, photographers didn’t make an exception.

Corporate Headshots Photographer
Headshot captured in the studio using a white background

Whenever required, I pack the studio lighting equipment, and in less than twenty minutes, I have a mobile photography studio ready to visit any headquarters located anywhere in Tokyo. Companies will often require the services of a corporate headshot photographer on-site for new staff headshots and portraits.

As anyone would expect, headshot photography is not exclusive to the business segment. Models, actors, and musicians all need updated professional photographs in the studio for their portfolios, be it for a job interview or movie casting.

Headshots photography session for personal branding

Because I want to be successful in my photography carrier, working as a corporate headshot photographer is always a challenge I love to take on. I treat every photography project like it is for myself.

Today’s article is born after a headshot photography session for a model’s personal branding, who we shall call Denise. She is a Tokyo model who contacted me to create executive and business headshots to grow her model portfolio for a future casting with a company to develop an ad to promote and support women in management positions. I would personally like to congratulate such initiatives, but the company is unknown to me.

If I’m honest, before starting my headshot business, I did quite a bit of market research and searched Pinterest ideas(follow me here). Upon searching for corporate headshot photographer ideas, I have very soon realized that the overwhelming majority of the images showed in the results were featuring men.

As a promise to myself to somewhat balance the inequality I have found, I have decided to feature in my portfolio more women’s portraits than men’s. As the biggest fan and supporter of my wife, who is working a leading position in a multinational company, I know how hard it is to be a successful businesswoman.

Now that I mention supporting women, I have to introduce the tremendously talented makeup artist who did the makeup to fit with the theme’s photoshoot. Her name is Kayo Ishikawa, and you could connect with her here if you ever need a MUA in Japan.

As a corporate headshot photographer based in Tokyo, I will always go the extra mile for my clients. Being an entrepreneur and building from the ground up my photography business, I know the extent of countless hours everyone is putting in. A dear friend told me a while back, before the pandemic started, “Rome wasn’t being built in a day.” I wish I had a greater understanding of what he was trying to say. Every aspect related to building a successful photography business has grown on me, and today I’m living my dream fully.

Are you looking to hire a corporate headshot photographer in Tokyo? It would be my honor to be working with you. All you have to do is contact me by pressing the button down below to secure your studio session now.

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