Ski and Snowboard Photography Session | Winter Sports Japan

Ski and Snowboard Photography Session | Winter Sports Japan

I genuinely love ski and snowboard photography sessions because of two main reasons: I’m in love with snow, and I am a professional photographer based in Tokyo, where snow… doesn’t last for more than a couple of hours. Doing winter sports photography is a fantastic opportunity for me to escape daily urban life and enjoy nature while doing what I love the most: photography.

Rare sights of snowing in Tokyo and Yokohama like those shown in one of my earlier articles make me quite literally appreciate even more ski photography sessions.

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Family ski and snowboard photography session anywhere in Japan

In the full winter season, your family decided to visit and spend a couple of days at one of the many famous ski resorts in Japan. That’s good news for this year; the snow reports show that the snow is perfect for enjoying winter-related activities.

If you wonder what could make your vacation even more attractive, well, here I come into play. You can schedule a family ski and snowboard photography session anywhere in Japan. I would be delighted to photograph you surrounded by snow while skiing, snowboarding, or sleighing. And why not, doing a snowman; after all, what is winter without one?

For those couples in love with winter and mountains (and obviously, with each other), a ski engagement photography session can be the ultimate proof of love and a unique way to propose to your better half. After all, winter is only once a year.

Ski and snowboard family photography session
I am always charmed by how well the kids can ski. Parents are in the background swiftly following the little one pictured here.

Winter sports photographer for hire

In between the ski runs of my client, I was waiting at different locations down the slopes. Doing so allowed me to take ski photographs in various instances, increasing the chances for fantastic action images. Too bad it was an overcast day with no sun.

Ski jump at Fujiten Ski Resort

As you can see above, the skier I was photographing that day did a fantastic ski jump over one of the snow lumps near the bottom of one of the slopes at the Fujiten Snow Resort in Yamanashi, Minamitsuru District.

The Fujiten Snow Resort is probably the closest place to Tokyo and Yokohama, where you can go skiing and snowboarding, all in only one day trip. To get there, you either take public transportation, including night busses, or drive your own or rented car(renting a car in Japan is relatively cheap and convenient). At the moment of writing this article, Google Maps show that from Tokyo Station to the Fujiten snow resort are 122 km and you’d need to drive one hour and fifty minutes, which is absolutely fabulous. For reference, I need around fifty minutes to travel from my house to Shibuya, using public transportation.

In the amidst of Covid-19, winter sports photography are probably the safest photography sessions you can book out there. You’d be the entire time outdoors, in a not at all crowded place: the slopes.

Although this year is the first time shooting a ski and snowboard photography session, I absolutely love it, and I can’t wait to photograph the next one. As I type here, I’m waiting for an e-mail confirmation for another winter photography session, waiting for the news to be favorable for such an action.

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