Charming couple portrait in Yoyogi Park | Tokyo Photographer

Charming couple portrait in Yoyogi Park | Tokyo Photographer

A young couple, autumn colors, and Yoyogi Park are the key ingredients for a perfect portrait session outdoors in the urban nature of Tokyo.

When you see a young-beautiful couple, you know that fall is the season when portraits and landscapes meet in harmony. They were the perfect couple, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience while shooting pure love only “disturbed” by kisses and hugs.

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“Let’s shoot some portraits in Yoyogi Park,”- she said

You know how it goes: a friend of a friend recommended me as a photographer to a couple looking for a fall shoot. All businesses benefit from word of mouth, and mine is no different; thus, a big thank you goes to you.

After presenting themselves through a casual e-mail, the more gentle partner said(wrote): “Let’s shoot some portraits in Yoyogi Park.” 

Couple smiling over a wooden bridge, Yoyogi Park
There was a waiting line to get this couple’s photo, but it was all worth it, doesn’t it?

The couple had a clear idea of what they wanted from the casual fall shoot. “While we have a stroll in the park, what we need from you is to snap instants as they happen.” You can bet I was happy about this because it was the perfect opportunity to portray them as naturally as possible, according to how they imagined their fall portraits.

You can imagine that the most beautiful photos are those when the couples pose naturally, and this time around, it wasn’t different. Usually, the guys are stiff in front of the camera; frankly, I am too included on the list.

Yoyogi Park is one of the well-known places in Tokyo where I shoot couples, among other places. And for a good reason, ginkgos are gorgeous there, and yellow leaves help create sunset-looking images in the middle of the day. Of course, this is a good tip for you to consider if you don’t have the time to schedule a photo session during dawn or dusk, which is preferable for many reasons.

This time my job was to shoot and capture their dynamic and not give any couple poses ideas; they had plenty to keep me in awe. 

Closeup of a couple in Yoyogi Park during autumn
Do you think you can look dreamier than this?

Autumn Couples Photography Session in downtown Tokyo

You know that autumn in Tokyo is one of the best seasons. Temps are great to be enjoying outdoor activities, with extra charm from the colored leaves. The good news is, foliage is coming on at different times for different trees, so all is not lost if you don’t have the time to schedule a shoot.

If you are not the foliage type couple, don’t worry. I got you covered too. Any place you like all over Japan can make for an excellent setting for your sesh. Just tell me about it and let’s make a plan. Traveling around Japan is my second nature, and there is nothing better I enjoy doing.

Here you can see photos I took for a family at Kitaguchi-hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine during their vacation in Japan(it feels like once upon a time).

Are you looking to hire a Tokyo portrait photographer for couples to schedule a session? I’d be delighted to hear from you, and I am only a button away to give you the best experience you can have during a photography session this autumn.