Tokyo Family Photography | Halloween Party Photographer

Tokyo Family Photography | Halloween  Party Photographer

As a professional photographer based in Tokyo, family photography allows me to enjoy Halloween parties and create life-time memories for parents and kids.

The parents hired me as a Halloween party photographer to capture spooky portraits for every family who joined the event. It was my pleasure to be there and experience first hand how it is thrilled trick-or-treating for the first time ever in my life. I am a fortunate photographer to discover so many beautiful and exciting things through my family photography.

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Tokyo Family Photography
Halloween Outdoor Celebration

Halloween Party Photographer in Tokyo | Family Photography

I was working as a Halloween party photographer long before moving into Tokyo. Regardless of the event’s purpose, be it for families with children or adults, all have in familiar good vibes and fun. Some of the most popular events for All Saints’ Day are zombie walks, where people will dress as spooky as possible, get some fantastic apocalyptic makeup, and have a great time. The other most popular events are those dedicated to kids going in the neighborhoods and parks for trick-or-treats.

In Tokyo are many people loving the Allhallows Eve celebrations who take everything to a whole new level, like you can see on the Instagram post down below, a headshot of a zombie I have taken in Shibuya.

Today’s article is a mix of family photography in a mysterious but cute way for several families with kids. The parents have organized a trick-or-treat event for celebrating and keeping alive the Halloween tradition among the children. An opportunity to have fun themselves with their kids and friends.

As I mentioned above, doing family photography was the chance for me to experience Halloween for the first time. Okay, I wasn’t the only first-timer. There were quite a few toddlers who were trick-or-treating for the first time too. 🤪In my country Romania, only in recent years and in the big cities, Halloween parties have started to become a thing. In my childhood, I didn’t even know it existed.

I must say, at the time, I was pretty caught up in the trick-or-treat action, taking way too many children and parents portraits. I enjoyed being the Halloween Cameraman, as every British parent would say: “Denis, looook at the cameramaaaan.” I don’t think I have ever before heard that word so often, but I was proud because I was the “the man of the moment.”

Tokyo Family Photography
Halloween Outdoor Celebration

The over-enthusiastic parents made sure I’ll leave the party with my camera bag overfilled with sweets to keep my sugar intake going for longer than a year. I can’t say I was sorry. 😋I had a lot of fun that evening photographing lots of families, happy children dressed up in spooky costumes, some (okay, most) entirely unknown to me. The entire event was a treat for me, giving me plenty of fantastic memories.

Tokyo Family Photographer for hire

As a professional Tokyo-based photographer, I am available for hire anywhere in Japan. I sincerely enjoy doing family photography. Being a man that profoundly believes in the family institution, I love being surrounded by family-specific vibes.

Whenever you need a photographer for family photography, I am your favorite photographer for every family-related events. In my portfolio, you can see some of the photos I took during private events celebrating the Christening of young children, a specific event for Orthodox believers.

Even if I can call myself a Halloween party photographer only once a year, I will do it with great pleasure. Like all things that happen only once a year, All Saints’ Day is a celebration that will always stay in my heart. Discovering the joy it brings to the kids through a family photography event, All Saints’ Day will remain in my heart forever.

Are you organizing a family event this year? Click the contact button below now, and let’s make a plan. It will be my honor to do your family photography session.