Photography Studio in Tokyo | Creative portraits session

Photography Studio in Tokyo | Creative portraits session

Having my photography studio in Tokyo Metropolitan Area is one of my greatest desires. Shooting a creative portraits session is a joy and an opportunity to showcase the human likeness’s beauty using my vision as a portrait photographer.

I often look for inspiration from various famous painters, or I find myself searching for creative portraits ideas on Pinterest before any photography studio session. Like anyone else, I use the concepts to improve my skills as a portrait photographer, always adapting them to my vision and personal taste.

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Portrait Photography Studio in Tokyo
She is a gorgeous model, isn’t she?

Photography Studio in an eight (8) tatami mats room: Nihon-ma

As a portrait photographer based in Tokyo, I always dreamed of having a dedicated space called a photography studio. Living in a beautiful Japanese residential area, I could make my dream come true in one of the rooms I have available in the house I’m currently living in.

While it wasn’t on purpose, my cozy little home studio is in a beautiful traditional tatami room with classic Japanese interior design. A tatami room is called in Japanese, if I’m not wrong, Nihon-ma. Compared to a conventional space, a tatami room doesn’t have a standard floor; instead, the Nihon-ma is covered with straw mats known as tatami. The mats have a fixed size; therefore, the Japanese refer to a tatami room’s size by the number of tatami mats that fit inside, hence the heather above, “eight tatami mats.”

In my case, the home studio is a square formed by eight tatami mats, which are still retaining their shape and smell very well after two years of existence. Of course, I haven’t been using the room too much compared to it being a sleeping room, like the Japanese people traditionally use it.

Portrait Photography Studio in Tokyo

My Tatami Photography Studio, the way I like to call my home studio, is a perfect place for creative portraits. The idea of having a studio was born from my love for pet photography. All I wanted was to create images of my Yorkie. As a creative professional portrait photographer, it was only a matter of time until I tried to shoot studio portraits.

Step by step, I started to buy equipment for my photography studio, learning every day how to use it, doing a tone of self-portraits using a delayed shutter with my camera mounted on a tripod. I think at the beginning I was doing in a relatively small room, more than five kilometers walking from front to back of the camera to see what happens after changing the angles of lights, power settings of the strobes. Every trial and error was a step ahead.

Tatami Photography Studio, perfect place for creative portraits

Photography studio in Tokyo Metropolitan Area, it still feels like a dream; today is a home studio, but in the future, I plan to rent a space more suitable for my future projects, closer to the center’s swarm of the metropolis. Of course, the current pandemic situation doesn’t help, but I can keep dreaming.

As a professional studio photographer, I use creative studio lighting to create various moods to enhance the low key portraits I make. Before every session in my Tatami Photography Studio, I always study concepts and ideas to develop the best creative photographs I can make.

For my work as a portrait photographer, it is essential to learn, study and perfect the editing techniques, too, to be able to complement the editing of the creative portraits. Creative portraiture is an entire process, and I love every step o the way, although I confess that the editing part is a tedious one that can last for hours for a single studio portrait, a stage I can’t say I love 100%, but I do enjoy doing it.

The gallery down below this article is from a tatami photography studio session with the gorgeous model @ruxiflorea. As a Tokyo portrait photographer, I couldn’t have dreamed more: a magnificent model and a fantastic person. One of the best sides of my photography business is that I have the chance to meet amazing people from whom I learn every single day.

If you find compelling my desire to make creative portraits in my Tatami Photography Studio, I can’t wait to hear from you. All you have to do is press the button down below and book my portrait photography services. That will make me a thrilled portrait photographer.