Skateboarder Athletic Portraits at Futakotamagawa Park-Tokyo

Skateboarder Athletic Portraits at Futakotamagawa Park-Tokyo

Let me tell you a story about a sunrise athletic portraits session I shoot at the beginning of 2021 in Futakotamagawa Park, Tokyo. Intrigued? So was I.

I bet you’re already thinking, “who is willingly waking up so early”? The answer is simple: a passionate skateboarder looking to have a different kind of athletic portrait. And, obviously, me, your favorite portrait photographer based in Tokyo.

Table of contents:

Sunrise skateboarding portraits

Athletic portraits at sunrise- I am already charging the batteries for my camera!

I must confess to you: I rarely receive a request for shooting portraits early in the morning or during the sunsets. People usually request shoots from 11 AM to 3 PM(understandable), but the lighting is less than desirable for photography shoots. A request to shoot so early in the morning was an absolute delight for me; and a challenge. Having invested in a brand new Nikon Z6II mirrorless camera, I was impatient to see what results I could achieve with it.

I am always looking for athletic photography ideas because I appreciate every athlete in the world and everyone who puts in the hours to stay fit and have a healthy body. I believe you deserve the best photos I can take. It includes you too. Yes, you, the one who is reading my article. I could make a bet that you are here for one of two reasons: either a skateboarder searching for a portrait photographer to shoot a professional athlete photography session or a photographer doing keyword research. Let me know in the comments down below if I nailed it.

Skateboarder Athletic Portraits

I often know the camera’s dynamic range (the ratio between the maximum and minimum measurable light intensities) won’t be able to deal with high contrast scenes that happen during the incredible sunrise and sunsets. So it is the case with the portrait I took of this cool skateboarder during the sunrise at Futakotamagawa Park. To be able t overcome this limitation of the camera, I was prepared with an off-camera flash to compensate for the lack of light on the person’s face and body.

Because I shoot studio photography, I’m always thrilled to use the flashes outside my home studio and enhance the portraits I make.

Athletes photography in Tokyo

Tokyo is a fantastic city, filled with amazing people and sport enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, I am one of you: I love cycling, and recently I did a ride just shy of 85 km from Aoba-Ku to Lake Sagami, climbing up the Takao Mountain and then return home. As you can imagine, I only have phone shots of me done by other cyclists I have been cycling with in the past, but I invite you to see these fantastic images of a cyclist here, among other athletic portraits.

Skateboarder portrait

As a photographer based in Tokyo, I have the opportunity to shoot a variety of family, child, couple, individual, athletic, vacation, pet, and corporate portraits, outdoors or in the studio, as well as event photography. There is a reason that drives me to shoot all these different photographs. I feel a deep connection to each of them; as you could imagine, most of them represent a specific period in my life, either experienced a long time ago or still happening daily (I’m a husband, cyclist, dog lover, etc.). I chose to do photography because I love it; that’s why I shoot only genres that speak to my inner self.

Hopefully, this year 2021, will be the year when the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will eventually take place, being the inspiration many seek and an incredible drive to re/start sport activities. No matter your shape, if you put in the efforts, I believe you already are on the podium, and in photographs, you always have the 1st place.  

Are you looking for athletic photography ideas? Or a portrait photographer based in Tokyo, Japan, that tackles sport portraits? You only have to press the button down below and let me know your thoughts. I’d be delighted to help you obtain the images you are looking for document your fitness performance.