Corporate Events in Tokyo

It feels almost like a life time since people would have called me a “corporatist”. You know the type, white shirt, black tie, black or grey suit, black shoes.  Wearing a suit was my second nature, and it felt good. Can you blame me? After all, I was working in the baking system, the one system that’s present everywhere and nobody truly understands it.  😉  I remember those times with great joy and I’m grateful for all the things I have learned, for all the experiences I have been through while working with the corporate world. I know there are people who feel intimidated by men and women in suits, but fear no more: regardless of the clothing worn, we are all people. 

I remember that during my years in this corporate world,  it wasn’t a job without major events, and let me tell you, I have witnessed one of the biggest of this century: The Big 2008 Financial Crisis. Oh boy, what a disaster: closing down businesses, factories, people left without jobs or lost their houses…. Luckily now is 2019 and all is left behind (hopefully) and settle down. 

A long way had been in front of me and since my corporate adventure. I have had the chance to be able to study the The Complete Course in Professional Photography (among other courses, and of course the most known two other universities, YouTube and Google) of New York Institute of Photography -oldest photography school in the world- and now years later I am able to be  freelance photographer in Tokyo, where I live together with my family, my wife and our little dog Yorkshire Terrier, whom we call Tzitzy.

Haven’t I have the most adorable dog?

I remember when I had to photograph my first corporate event for a real estate company. The speaker (which by the way, was amazing) was talking about how to make smart investments by making first the market research in order to fully support a very well structured business plan. I remember I had an internal debate about how to implement all those information I could hear into my photography. I should probably mention that most of the information weren’t applicable to my business profile, but one could dream right? 🙂 

It goes without saying that I had an amazing time taking all these corporate portraits during the event, especially because it was for the first time. Worth noticing that now I have quite a few corporate events under my “belt” and I have photographed from press conferences to Gala Diner held by Swedish Embassy in Seoul.

Because I’m a relentless and perfectionist photographer always seeking for the best photographs for my clients, I make no difference and treat with the same level of seriousness all my photography work, be it a corporate event that takes place in an exquisite venue in an expensive hotel or a family photoshoot in the park. Remember, after all, that CEO is a loving father and a husband after hours and I’m more than delighted to photograph his family as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you, so don’t be shy and press the buttons down bellow.

Fiat Golden Art Exhibition

It is always a privilege and great joy to see other photographers’ work on display during exhibitions, and Tokyo has plenty, every day. The abundant artwork range in Japan is huge, anything from Kintsugi to futuristic designs and approaches.

On 19th September (2019) I had the privilege to be invited to a corporate event held by automaker Fiat. At the same event they have collaborated and put together the photography exhibition with the main focus on Round Sakura (Sakura photos exhibited in vintage round frames) held by the photographer Marco Ferri with the occasion of Fiat celebrating 120 years of existence. Exhibition took place at Spiral Art Center in downtown Tokyo..

Marco Ferri is an Italian Artist who’s work has had developed over the years, gathering inspiration from different cultures and parts of the world.

He’s been living and working with a photo agency in Milan, followed by a move to Shanghai.

Now he works and create his artwork in Tokyo, the place which has gave him the inspiration to come up with the concept of his Round Sakura Exhibition. To be more exact, Marco has found out about the local Japanese technique to repair broken pottery which holds the name Kintsugi. This is a form of art in which the craftsman is using golden alloy to put back together the pieces of broken pottery and enrich its value.
Following the principle of this form of art, Marco has taken the concept a step further and after taking and printing out his Sakura photographs, he’d rip them apart only to have to “repair” the photos again using golden glue and paint. I hope I didn’t got that wrong- glue part 🙂
Such a brilliant idea, to find a way to bring life in a different form to something that has already been used.

I hope one day I will have my own exhibition using my own photography work inspired from my experience during my living in Japan. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to actually enjoy living here with my family (my wife and our dog Tzitzy) and not be a tourist in vacation.

Marco served me a precious lesson, that always one needs to find the strength to seek a new meaning and a new way of seeing things that surrounds us, even though at first sight everything may look ordinary.

Keep posted and follow my travel posts too, where I am showing you the world from my photographic perspective.
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