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Being an English speaking photographer in Japan, I shoot all prewedding events, be it a proposal, engagement, or Save The Date photography sessions, anywhere in and around Tokyo.

Save The Date photography session is usually a prewedding step, and since you are here, you are engaged and have already set a wedding date. Congratulations! I am genuinely happy for you and everyone who is on the way of building up a family. I have been there too, and I know it may be overwhelming. Trust me; it’s all worthed; nothing compares to having your own family.

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Beautiful inherited ring

What is the most common reason why couples want Save The Date Session?

The most common reason why couples want Save The Date photos is that it will serve for the correspondence informing the guests when is the wedding date. Often, couples will use the images to create Save The Date Cards, thus, this pre marriage photoshoot will serve well to let friends and family know about your life-changing event using a personalized message and brand new portraits to mail to their guests.

Save The Date design card for guests by Cristian Bucur Photographer in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Save The Date design card for guests

Living for longer than six years in Asia, I found it is customary that every wedding has an introductory video made out of slideshows, which usually contains photos and short funny videos of the bride and groom. It is a lovely way to introduce both the bride and groom to each other’s families.

A while back, I had talked with Phillippa and her fiancĂ© about a Save The Date photoshoot. After exchanging text messages via my Facebook Page, we decided to meet in the downtown Yokohama area, which is reasonably close to where they live. Phillippa is a British National who has been visiting Japan many times over the last five years( I hope I got that right) both for vacation and to study the Japanese Language in one of the many Universities available in Tokyo. She has spent three years working on JET Programme in Mie Prefecture.

Photographer in Tokyo

And guess what? During her time on JET, she met Shunya, and following her return to the United Kingdom, they spent three years doing long distance before she moved to Tokyo for work and to mary Shunya.

Phillippa and Shunya will have their wedding very soon. Isn’t it great that people can find their Soul Mates so far away on the opposite side of the Planet? Well, for sure, it is at least impressive!
Meeting Phillippa and her fiancé were one of the best experiences as a photographer since I have moved to Japan and moved my photography business here. Awesome people who genuinely love each other, full of joy and patience.

Photographer in Tokyo

On the day of the photography session, there were a lot of people having fun and enjoying being outdoors, mainly because on this specific day, the cooler temperatures had made their way on Nippon Island. I started taking portraits of the lovely couple somewhere on the Kishamichi Promenade, a popular place for locals to walk and enjoy beautiful weather.

Photographer in Tokyo

Before leaving the promenade, I took some more portraits of the couple having in the background both Landmark Tower and Ferris Wheel from Cosmo World. The place has a special significance because Shunya proposed on the Ferris wheel at Minato Mirai, so it was a location with a lot of meaning for them.

Photographer in Tokyo

After taking photos on the promenade, we moved forward to Shinko Central Square Park, where we had to wait our turn to take a few beautiful portraits for the future family. This time I opted for two backgrounds, one fully green and one containing the Red Brick Warehouses.

Photographer in Tokyo

We have continued our walk to the most well-known warehouses in Yokohama, hoping that there will be a chance we can make more portraits without having too many people photobombing us. And we were lucky enough to find a spot “on the back” of the warehouses without many people. We had to wait our turn before a few families were taking some phone photographs to remind them of the beautiful afternoon they were spending there.

Photographer in Tokyo

Phillippa and Shunya wanted to have a few photos on the seashore, thus we headed to the Red Brick Warehouses Pier. Photographing the couple there was bliss as a gentle breeze was coming from across the Yokohama Bay. The background of the portraits was this time made of Osanbashi Pier and Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Photographer in Tokyo

As a side note, I have been on the Osanbashi Pier one evening to photograph an amazing sunset over the Yokohama most known skyline. Opposite to my experience so far, sunsets in Japan (Yokohama and Tokyo Areas) appears to have the color explosion to the end of the sunset, almost right before the blue hour. For those interested in taking photos of sunsets, patience is what you’ll need the most. Eventually, your reward will be amazing.

Right at the end of the shoot, I wanted to take a few photos of the beautiful engagement ring, which has a rich history in Shunya’s family. The diamond is from Shunya’s mother. It was part of the engagement ring she received from Shunya’s father, who sadly passed away when he was a small child. She passed it down to Shunya, and it was set into a new ring to celebrate the engagement of Shunya and Phillippa.

Photographer in Tokyo

Phillippa and Shunya have been using the digital photos to send the invite for Save the Date to their friends. On their wedding day in Nagoya, the photos were displayed on a board in the lobby of the venue. Knowing this made me feel very proud of my work as a photographer.

Phillippa was very kind to leave a lovely review on my Facebook Page:

“Cristian took some beautiful Save The Date photos for us. We felt really comfortable, and he was friendly with his directions. Thanks to his eye and skill we got some unforgettable shots against the Yokohama Minato Mirai area. We will treasure these photos! Highly recommended. Thank you again!!”

What can be more rewarding than to receive such kind feedback?
It was such a great time to get to know you guys, let alone being your photographer.
Until next time.

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