Private Events

For most Christians, baptisms are families’ private events that have profound spiritual importance. As a photographer, it is both a joy and an honor to have been part of such a delicate event for any family. No matter how many baptism ceremonies I had seen before, I know the emotions are always present, and I am ready to capture them!

Table of contents:

Baptism | Gabriel

Baptism | Ayan

What private events does Cristian Bucur covers?

Tokyo based photographer Cristian Bucur covers most private family events, be it a christening, birthday party, or any other celebrations. His photographic approach is a candid documentary focused style. He treats your privacy and intimacy with the utmost care and attention.

As a convinced familist, Cristian cherishes all moments and values all the events that happen during the lifetime of most families. He uses all his technical skills and creative energy to record your event in the most beautiful way, designing his photography to reproduce the emotions and atmosphere from the occasion.

His ultimate goal is to create memories from your private events to last for generations to come.