Portrait Photoshoot in Odaiba | The amazing Rainbow Bridge

As a portrait photographer in Tokyo, I’m always looking for new opportunities to shoot. Last week I had a fantastic portrait photoshoot in Odaiba, with the amazing Japanese model @Kana.

After exchanging a couple of messages on Instagram @cristiancbucur, we decided to do a portrait session for Kana’s personal branding at the beautiful Odaiba Beach, a place easily accessible from downtown.

Because of local constructions and landscaping, we couldn’t reach Odaiba Beach and other places in the area. For me, as an outdoor portrait photographer, closed places are never something I want to see. Luckily the neighborhood is generous, and I found some other nearby spots to shoot and take portraits with the original background I had in mind.

Photographer in Tokyo
Working with an experienced model is such a pleasure for me as a portrait photographer.

Portrait photoshoot in Odaiba | Pieces of information about the place

I have been in Odaiba Area for the first time in 2014. Then, it was the first time I have visited Japan, and all I remember was that I was in awe with everything I could see in front of my eyes.

To access the place, you need to travel by the Rainbow Bridge using the futuristic Yurikamome train and get off at Tokyo Teleport station (or another nearby station).

After doing some research to help me as a portrait photographer in Tokyo, I decided to have a portrait session in the area, mainly because there is a clear view of the famous Rainbow Bridge, which is a stunning structure by any standards.

On the day of the shoot, out of pure luck, I decided to get there hours before. Because of the Olimpic Games preparations, many places with a direct view towards the Rainbow Bridge, including Odaiba Beach, were closed for maintenance, and public access was restricted.

Photographer in Tokyo
Beautiful and confident pose

Who is Kana | Professional Model for hire in Tokyo

Kana is a model and dancer/art director based in Tokyo. Kana’s specialty is blending contemporary Japanese fashion with western modern pop fashion sensibilities.

Her dance background informs her skills at holding and performing a variety of poses and shapes. She moves seamlessly across many fashion genres, while channeling an innate and skilled ability to function as a dancer across various dance genres.

I must say, portrait photography and fashion is never something to take lightly. Thanks to Kana and her experience as a professional model, it was an easy job for me to envision how the portrait photoshoot would go from the first shots.

Technical information about portrait photography

Because I am a photographer who loves flash photography, I used a flash in a big softbox to brighten up Kana’s portraits. Shooting with backlighting (the sun was behind the model) can create unpleasant shadows—this is where flashes come in to compensate for the natural light available.

Researching for portrait photography ideas was a task I had done using Google image search, which turned out to be a valuable tool.
The gear I used for this session is Nikon D750 paired with 20, 35, and 85mm lenses.

Thank you for reading my article. Down below, you can enjoy fantastic portraits of Kana. It was so much fun that I’m already thinking about a future shoot with Kana. In fact, there is a second shooting during the night time. Will blog about it very soon. (you can see the photos hidden randomly in my gallery here 🙂 )

If you are looking to hire a photographer in Tokyo, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d be delighted to be working with you.

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