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Creating a photography blog was meant as a safe space for the thoughts and about the photography experiences of the Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur.

Tokyo studio photography

Tokyo studio photography | Traditional Romanian Blouse “ie”

It surprised me the message for a studio photography session from a Romanian model living in Tokyo. If I ever thought about the people I will photograph in Japan, it never crossed my mind that a gorgeous Romanian model will complete the list in a studio environment. Since I started my studio photography adventure in my […]

Studio portrait photography in Tokyo

Tokyo studio portrait photography | Creative Makeup Artist

In my work in Tokyo for studio portrait photography, I collaborate with many creatives. Tailoring a studio portrait session for a fantastic makeup artist was fun and an excellent opportunity for getting to know Noriko-san (in Japan, every name will have the word san at the end).  Noriko-san is a fantastic person and a talented makeup artist with whom […]

Tokyo Family Photographer

Tokyo Family Photographer, Great Mother&Son portrait session

Being a Tokyo family photographer, I had the privilege to capture many great families with children. As a family portrait photographer, my top priority is creating valuable, life-long lasting memories for you. Family photography is, and should be, a service that many families should enjoy more often than only for special occasions. I sincerely believe that […]

Portrait by studio photographer Cristian Bucur

Tokyo Studio Photographer, Formal Portraits with a Fun Twist

As a professional studio photographer based in Tokyo, creating professional-looking headshots go beyond formal attire, adopting a more casual outfit, too, serving a broader need in a world continually demanding new branding images. In my work as a studio photographer, I cover not only formal head and shoulders portraits, known as headshots, but also more relaxed […]

Studio portrait photography in Tokyo

Studio Photography Tokyo | Mexican Traditional Costume

Ever since I started my adventure with studio photography in Tokyo, I had excellent experiences during my home studio portrait sessions. The images I have created so far are incredible, and I fall in love with the studio lighting process time and time again.  Technically, my tatami home studio is in Yokohama, only a couple of kilometers after […]

Headshot by Cristian Bucur Photographer in Tokyo

Tokyo Headshot Photographer | Great Casual Studio Headshots

As a professional headshot photographer based in Tokyo, creating professional-looking headshots goes beyond formal attire, adopting a casual outfit. People have different needs and require headshot photography for various reasons, using the images to elevate their own personal branding. The photos in this article are the results of the piano player headshots’ studio session, a […]

Portrait in Shibuya by the Tokyo vacation photographer Cristian Bucur

Tokyo Vacation Photographer Cristian Bucur | Shibuya Love

Working as a Tokyo vacation photographer is one of the most fun activities of my job. Meeting tourists who visit Japan for the first time brings me joy and recharges my soul with good vibes and energy. Planning a photoshoot in Shibuya is an enjoyable task to do. I have been there countless times to […]

Casual headshot in studio by Cristian Bucur Tokyo Headshot Photographer

Tokyo Headshot Photographer | Fun Casual Studio Headshots

As a Tokyo headshot photographer, I quickly realized that people want casual headshots, too, not only formal ones while wearing a suit. Casual studio headshots are usually used in a less formal environment, while maintaining the professional studio look. And yes, because the word of the day implies relaxation, people will feel less pressure to […]

Headshots photography by Cristian Bucur Photographer in Tokyo

Headshots Photography in Tokyo for a Talented Piano Player

As an English speaking photographer based in Tokyo, I can tell that headshots photography is in high demand. We all live in a dynamic society where people always need a headshot to update their LinkedIn profile or submit their resume using an updated image showing off their likeness.  Individuals and companies alike can take advantage of headshots […]

Studio portrait for a musician

Studio Photographer in Tokyo | Branding Session for a Singer

Nothing makes me happier as a studio photographer than to receive an inquiry for a branding portrait sessions to create stunning images. Creating portraits for the fantastic singer Catherine Forte was a great, fun shoot, which was very productive.  The shoot had the purpose of creating the cover for Catherine’s song, First Dance, which I absolutely love—scroll down […]

Corporate Headshot for business, websites and social media, by Cristian Bucur headshot photographer in Tokyo

Headshot Photographer in Tokyo | Personal Branding Session

As a headshot photographer based in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, creating professional profile images for LinkedIn, businesses, websites is an art, and I love it. The dynamic of creating professional headshots in my small home studio has a high level of intimacy. It is a safe place away from crowded streets, in a serene Japanese […]

Corporate studio headshot with a black background by Photographer in Tokyo Cristian Bucur

Headshot Photography in Tokyo | Fun Studio Session with P.

Diving into headshot photography is one of the best decisions I ever made as a photographer in Tokyo. Creating a business or LinkedIn portrait is a personal and intimate process for everyone. Guiding you through the whole process and making you feel safe and confident is my top priority. In this blog post, you will […]

Yorkshire Terrier Pet Portrait Photo

Pet Photography in the studio | Dog Photographer in Tokyo

As a dog photographer based in Tokyo, I love pet photography in the studio. The connection and interaction I have with every dog I photograph is unique. To me, it is all about making the perfect pet portrait while playing and having fun in a safe environment.  In this blog post, you will be reading about the […]

Tokyo family portrait photographer; Senior Session at Kitaguchi-hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine during vacation in Japan.

Tokyo Family Portrait Photographer | Cristian Bucur

I’m honored as a Tokyo family portrait photographer when I receive a request to shoot a senior couple. In this article, I will show you photos with the happiest family ever in a perfect one day trip outside of the largest Japanese town. Table of contents: Vacation Family shoot outside of Tokyo About Kitaguchi-hongu Fuji […]

Senior family shoot Kamakura with the Tokyo Family Photographer Cristian Bucur

Tokyo Family photographer | Amazing Kamakura session

Ever since I started photography, nothing makes me happier than being a Tokyo family photographer. A senior family shoot is unique in its own way, and I absolutely love doing it. Table of content: Senior family photographer for a session outside of Tokyo About the place Gallery Senior family photographer for a session outside of Tokyo […]

Pet photography in studio, Xoloitzcuintli-know as Mexican Naked Dog, using a red light background, image by Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur

Pet photography for amazing dogs | Photographer in Tokyo

As a Tokyo based photographer doing pet photography in my home studio, sometimes I have the chance to shoot unusual, rare breeds of dogs. The Xoloitzcuintle or Xolo is hard to pronounce and better known as the Mexican hairless dog. In this blog post you will be reading about the following: About the Xoloitzcuitle Why pet photography? […]

Portrait at night in Odaiba with Rainbow Bridge lit in the background

New Atmospheric & Fabulous Night Portrait Images in Tokyo

In my carrier as a photographer in Tokyo, shooting night portrait images are essential. Creating fantastic portraiture at night is addictive, and I love it! The colorful city lights are an excellent tool for creating stunning photos documenting portraits under a dreamy atmosphere. Using the Nippon Rainbow Bridge as a background in my photos was […]

Portrait Photoshoot in Odaiba, Tokyo for personal branding of a model with Tokyo's skyline and Rainbow Bridge in the background.

Portrait Photoshoot in Odaiba | The amazing Rainbow Bridge

As a portrait photographer in Tokyo, I’m always looking for new opportunities to shoot. Last week I had a fantastic portrait photoshoot in Odaiba, with the amazing Japanese model @Kana. About Odaiba Area Who is Kana Technical information Go to Gallery After exchanging a couple of messages on Instagram @cristiancbucur, we decided to do a portrait […]

Portrait of a model from a portrait shoot in Shibuya by the Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur

Alana | Tokyo Portrait Photographer | Amazing Session in Shibuya

Portrait photography is the best way to preserve one’s likeness. As a portrait photographer in Tokyo, I know Shibuya is one of the most popular places for shooting. This article is all about the fun I had during a lovely shoot started at the most known crossing in the world. Because I know we are […]

Studio headshot

Photography sessions | 5 reasons for feeling uncomfortable

Adults during photography sessions in front of a photo camera can have great fun, or, on the contrary, it can be a traumatizing experience. I am writing this article to list some of the reasons why people freeze in front of the camera when they finally decide to have a photoshoot. From the beginning, I […]

Ballet Photography, Photographer in Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Cristian Bucur

Ballet Photography- #myballerina, 1st project done in Tokyo

Finding the time and energy for ballet photography, #myballerina project, was the best decision I ever made.As a professional Tokyo photographer, I always wanted a unique photography project, even if its uniqueness was only for me. Thus, ever since I have moved to Japan, I wanted to start a project that wasn’t subject to a […]

Cherry flowers in full bloom covered with snow; image by Cristian Bucur Photographer in Tokyo

Does it snow in Yokohama while Cherry Flowers are in full bloom?

Cherry flowers and snow? Hm. I’m going to answer the question from the very beginning. This is a question to which most people(including me) would have answered until last weekend with a big smiling face saying a big NO. Yet, nature has its own way to spice things up from time to time. Luckily for […]

Lifestyle portrait at Zojo-ji Temple, Tokyo, Japan

Lifestyle&Casual Portrait Photographer in Tokyo

In my own opinion, as portrait photographer, I consider that lifestyle photography, had become a photography genre by its own. It’s more popular than ever in this digital era when we don’t have the limitation to shoot only 36 frames. I’m not going to impose my own opinion on this topic and is all right […]

Creative portrait taken during an event in Tokyo by event photographer Cristian Bucur

One Event, many creatives in Tokyo, Japan

Last week, Fabien Sena had texted me about a casual social event in Tokyo, meant for meeting like minded artsy people: models, photographers, make-up and hair artists as well as other creative people. I have to confess, I knew about this from my friend Raluca Sandra Moore of Asia Group Shoots by Sandra Moore Productions […]

Main building of the Hie Shrine, view in the afternoon

Worst Day to visit Hie Shrine&Tokyo Tower as a Photographer

This travel article was born in Tokyo after I decided to leave the comfort of my home during the extreme heat that covered the entire Japanese Island last summer. After being prisoner days after days due to summer high heat and high humidity, I finally decided to go out and explore sites in Tokyo. After […]

View of the Yokohama Bay during evening filled with flying seagulls

Diary of a Tokyo Photographer | 1st Month in Japan

Read now the story of 1st month after I became a “local” photographer in Japan. At the time of this story, I haven’t yet started to work as a photographer in Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Settling in a new country isn’t the easiest of tasks to do. Although Japan is a beautiful country to live in, […]

Park Picnic in Tokyo during Sakura Season

Street Photography during the Japanese Cherry Blossom

If you wonder when to do street photography in Tokyo, Sakura season is your answer. Japan is welcoming millions of tourists every ear, during Sakura season alone. The life of a professional photographer is always what keeps me alert and interested at all times. After a year of living here, the Land of the Rising […]

Save The Date photography session in Roppongi by the Tokyo photographer Cristian Bucur

Couple photography session in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

Couple photography is delicate; I finally get to blog about my favorite couple photoshoot in Tokyo. Well, to be more precise, it did happen in Roppongi Hills, a place that gives me as a photographer a lot of options to play with the light and shadows, different backgrounds, like Tokyo Tower or just a plain […]

Pet an owner portrait from a photography session for pet and owner session in Yoyogi Park, image taken by Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur

Pet Photography in Tokyo | Heike and her Maltese Dog, Blanche

As a pet photographer living in the outskirts of Tokyo, I know there are many animal-friendly places. Yoyogi Park is one of them and an ideal place to schedule a pet photography session. At Yoyogi Gyeon, you can have a stroll around the park, bring your favorite pet or enjoy free performances from people dressed […]

Family portrait in Roppongi Hills, image taken by the family photographer in Tokyo, Cristian Bucur

Family Photography | Portrait Photographer in Tokyo

Family photography is fantastic, and being a family photographer is a blessing. I am a photographer living 45 minutes away from downtown Tokyo, specializing in family portrait photography. I love the energy and the dynamic vibe each family has; I create images that tell the best story I can imagine, creating life-long lasting memories for […]

Portrait in nearby Tokyo Station by Cristian Bucur portrait photographer

Portrait Photography Today | Tokyo

A while back, Daria and I planned to meet at Tokyo Station and explore the area for an outdoor portrait photography session. If you wonder who Daria is, she describes herself as “Siberian girl in Japan,” and you can follow her blog on Instagram @2dadadadashh, where she posts photos from her trips and experiences.  As you probably […]

Portrait in Asakusa by Cristian Bucur vacation photographer in Tokyo

Tokyo Vacation Photographer | Fantastic Asakusa

As a Tokyo vacation photographer, I receive a lot of inquires for location shoots. Jay, who is originally from Singapore, has sent me an e-mail that he wants to hire me for a vacation portrait photoshoot during his holiday here. Nothing could make me happier as Jay turned out to be a dream client for […]

Portrait at Hie Shrine by Tokyo vacation photographer Cristian Bucur

Tokyo Vacation Photographer | Solo portraits Camilla

Tokyo is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Japan, which gathers millions of tourists every year. Hiring a private vacation photographer to capture your dream journey is one of the best ways to ensure you have the perfect photographs to share with your family and friends. Being a solo traveler is always a great […]

Pet photographer in Tokyo: Snake wrapped up around a tattooed hand, image taken in a photo studio by Cristian Bucur

Love for Pet Photography in Studio | Tokyo

Pet photography, be it outdoors or in studio, is an art and profound love and respect for animals. Period. All professional photographers have to invest time and put down the effort to improve their craft. As a pet photographer, there is always room to grow, either in handling the animal’s behaviors during the shoot, in […]

Photographer in Tokyo

Corporate Events Photographer in Tokyo

I am a corporate events photographer in Tokyo available for hire. Shooting events, be it private or corporate, is since long a very distinctive photography genre I love. I also shoot portraits for families or singles visiting or living in Japan. My story wouldn’t be quite complete if I only consider my life as a […]

Family portrait in park

Family Photography Importance | Tokyo

My love for the family photography has deep roots in my soul. As a child, I couldn’t even imagine I would ever be a freelance photographer in Tokyo, yet, here I am. I remember from my childhood when my mother would show me black and white images of her family; it was a moment of […]

Pet photographer in Tokyo Cristian Bucur

Pet Photography in Studio

Pet photography, for me, has been born from the love I have for my dog. Being a freelance photographer working in Tokyo involves an equal amount of dreaming and a desire to develop and improve photographic skills. Pet photography in studio for your best friend Let me introduce my dog Gallery Pet photography in studio […]

Corporate event Fiat Golden Heart by Cristian Bucur photographer in Tokyo

Event Photographer | Fiat , Golden Art – Emotions

As an event photographer, I couldn’t pass on the invite to my friend’s exhibition at Spiral Art Center in downtown Tokyo. My plus one was my camera so that I could shoot some portraits of my friend, his artworks, and the event in general. It is always a privilege and great joy to see other photographers’ work […]

Couple Portrait for Save The Date photo session

Save The Date | Phillippa & Shunya

Being an English speaking photographer in Japan, I shoot all prewedding events, be it a proposal, engagement, or Save The Date photography sessions, anywhere in and around Tokyo. Save The Date photography session is usually a prewedding step, and since you are here, you are engaged and have already set a wedding date. Congratulations! I […]