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As a dog photographer based in Tokyo, I love pet photography in the studio. The connection and interaction I have with every dog I photograph is unique. To me, it is all about making the perfect pet portrait while playing and having fun in a safe environment. 

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Pet photography, (you will read below more about how I got into it), it is a photography genre that is absolutely addictive. Taking dog portraits in a controlled studio environment allows me to get the whole dog’s attention. To do so, it requires either making goofy faces and noises or feeding them with delicious snacks.

Although I love every dog, at the moment, I work in my home studio only with small breeds like Yorkshire Terriers. (I photograph big breeds of dogs in outdoor settings.)

Pet photography in the studio: Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier portrait was taken in a photo studio.

Why should you hire a dog photographer for pet photography in the studio?

We all take snapshots of our dogs, be it in the house or outside, when we enjoy a walk around the block. Hiring a dog photographer for professional pet photography in the studio is preferred for better quality results.

One of the most important aspects is that it gives you the ability to print a large portrait of your beautiful dog and display it proudly in your house or office. Doing so using a photograph taken with your smartphone, it will lack in fantastic details. In the photo above, the amount of details and crispiness is absolutely stunning, and I wish you could see it in full size-using the full 24megapixels.

As a dog owner, I fully understand the need to have beautiful portraits of your beloved animal. For us, dog lovers (or any pet owners for that matter), a dog is part of the family, a member with full rights.

Yorkshire Terrier Pet Portrait Photo
Yorkshire Terrier portrait; taken in a photo studio by Cristian Bucur, Pet Photographer in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Dog photographer in Tokyo

Being a dog photographer in Tokyo wasn’t exactly my plan, but more of a calling. All I ever wanted was to learn how to use studio lighting, thus to improve my photography abilities and become able to shoot headshots. Because we live in a hectic world, it was complicated to find someone to volunteer his time in front of my camera to learn.

The most handy subject was my docile dog, who could pose for me all day long in exchange for tasty treats. It was only a matter of time until I fell in love with pet photography in the studio.

As a pet owner myself, doing pet photography in the studio was also feeding my need to have professional portraits of my dog, which will last my entire life.

During the photo sessions, which usually last for around one hour, I have a lot of fun playing with the dogs. I start by taking photos while talking with the dog.

Once the dog loses interest in listening to my voice, I start making small weird noises to regain its interest. When even this doesn’t pay, its time to start bribing the canine with snacks. Either snacks I have, or, for pets with special allergy needs, the treats brought by the owner.

Usually, at the end of the shoot, the little ones already know that the table they sit on is a safe place where they receive treats. Some will even cuddle to take a well-deserved nap (see the photo above).

Are you looking to hire a pet photographer in Tokyo? I would be delighted to be at your service with a session for pet photography in the studio. All you have to do is to contact me here and fill out the form, or, use the social media buttons down below.

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