Pet Photography in Studio

Pet photography, for me, has been born from the love I have for my dog. Being a freelance photographer working in Tokyo involves an equal amount of dreaming and a desire to develop and improve photographic skills.

Pet Photographer in Tokyo, Cristian Bucur.
Yorkshire Terrier Portrait
Yorkshire Terrier studio portrait

Pet photography in studio for your best friend

It’s been a while since I wanted to have my photo studio. Moving in Japan, was the trigger to make it happen. I know it’s not downtown the big metropolis where I shoot most of the time at various touristic locations, but you know what they say: one step at a time. I assume there is no single photographer, anywhere else in this world, who wouldn’t like to have his little playground.

One day I decided to transform the tatami room I have available into a photography studio. Tatami room is a traditional Japanese room with a specific interior look paved with mats. My studio is open in Yokohama, and due to its size, it’s available for headshots and pet photography, where I have at least one parking lot available.

Tatami room is where I first photographed my dog, my best and trusty friend. Before doing so, some things were needed to do pet photography in a studio setting.

Here you can see how my little home studio set up in a Japanese tatami room looks, where I made all these fantastic pet portraits.

Photographer in Tokyo
The flash behind the big reflectors are from Godox

Some of the first steps I had to take were to purchase the tools I needed. I started with solid textile backgrounds, and for that, I went with black and grey colors, followed by stands, clamps, reflectors, and other small parts—all these are basic things needed to start producing photographs in a studio environment. I know there are better and more spacious photo studios owned by others, but this is enough to suit my needs. More important is to develop the skills needed to work with studio lights. At the moment, I’m using strobes (flashes) because I had them from before. Strobes are especially useful to photograph on the go, due to their small size.

Got the things needed to get me started, but how about subjects? Here comes my little dog, Yorkie, who is the first animal I photographed in my home studio.

Let me introduce you properly my dog which is a Yorkshire Terrier: TziTzy.

Let me introduce my dog

Now don’t think he was an easy subject, no, no. At first, I had to bribe him with snacks to sit on the table. By the end of the studio photoshoot, he wouldn’t want to go down 😛 Regardless of his small size; this dog has personality.

Pet Photography
Photographer in Tokyo
The shot you see here is one of the first test shots I took of my dog, and as you can see, he was more interested in the lighting equipment than looking at me.
Photographer in Tokyo

Seeing my dog licking his nose made me crave his snacks, and I wish I had some for myself as well! I can tell you that he was enjoying it.

I never thought of starting a pet photography business before. Being a dog lover and after having the experience with my Yorkie, I’m telling you that photographing animals is a gratifying experience(not to mention there are zero potential complaints 😉 ).

Since you are reading this article, you are a pet owner looking for professional portraits of your beloved animal. I photograph any animals starting with newborn puppies to mid-sized dogs (up to seven or eight kilograms). Read here for tips and tricks to prepare your fluffy one for a professional shoot.

Are you looking to hire a pet photographer in Tokyo Metropolitan Area? Look no further and contact me for great-looking studio portraits of your dog, cat, rabbit, snake (and the list can go on), by pressing the contact button down below.

*for specific exotic animals, please be advised the owner might have to handle the animal. 


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