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As a Tokyo based photographer doing pet photography in my home studio, sometimes I have the chance to shoot unusual, rare breeds of dogs. The Xoloitzcuintle or Xolo is hard to pronounce and better known as the Mexican hairless dog.

In this blog post you will be reading about the following:

Pet photography in studio, Xoloitzcuintli-know as Mexican Naked Dog, using a red light background, image by Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur

I know the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but boy, this dog is beyond beautiful, it’s absolutely gorgeous! The characteristics of this dog are so amazing that cheers up any dog lover on the planet. Read below more about my experience with Maggie, which is the name of this Xolo beauty, or click here for the entire pet gallery.

What I learned about Xolos while doing this pet photography session

Maggie, a dog, widely known to be the Mexican hairless dog, has an official name quite hard to pronounce: Xoloitzcuintle. Say with me: “show-low-itz-queent-ly,” that’s a lot easier, isn’t it? I’m absolutely in love with this breed; not only it’s gorgeous, but extremely smart and powerful. It almost feels like it’s going to the gym and does bodybuilding (read here about a fantastic shoot I have done for a bodybuilder).

Preparing my home studio in advance for such a delicate and sensitive client was the key to a successful pet photography session. You’ll see why. Maggie, like any other Xolo, is very temperature sensitive. Heating the room, more so than cooling down, was essential for Maggie to feel comfortable and relaxed. In the first moments, she was smelling and discovering everything in the room.

Her curiosity and love for snacks were enough to compensate for being in an unknown space. Comforting her with calm and special anti-allergy treats, ensured that she felt loved and made her jump in the photographing table. Well, I might have cheated and created a trace of delicious goodies up to the top of the table. Her human told me in advance that she loves snacks and know-how to climb the table by first going on a chair and from there on the table. Imagine how smart she is to find out this. There are people having difficulties in finding ways to climb something.

Pet photography in studio, female Xoloitzcuintli-know as Mexican Naked Dog and male Yorkshire Terrier, using a red light background, image by Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur
Those snacks were delicious! Even my dog came in for a treat!

As you can see above, my dog was jealous and joined for a brief few moments waiting for a treat. I have to say, my dog and Maggie were friends from before, thus sharing a space wasn’t a big deal. From experience, I know that Xolos (and Maggie) are very territorial dogs, and it takes time to get to know and accept anyone but the owner. Once that happens, the love and attention of this breed are unparalleled. In my experience as a pet photographer, this characteristic is rare for many dog breeds to be at this level.

Why Pet Photography?

Being a dog lover and pet owner, with little exceptions, my entire life, I wanted something different. Being a photographer, I was tired of seeing so many phone photos of dogs. Naturally, I was thinking about pet portraits, but not any general images, but studio ones.

After a while of planning and thinking about what I need, my path was clear. I had found my love for pet photography in the studio. There is no other photography genre as fulfilling as this: no other subjects in front of my camera will ever be so thankful to lick and kiss my face and hands throughout the photo session.

Importance of documenting pet portraits

There is an undeniable importance for pet photography. Documenting pet portrait for your loved animal, be it a dog, snake, rabbit, you name it, should be considered, in my opinion, as usual as buying favorite treats for your beloved companion. 

I know it may feel like an expensive treat, but having a pet and taking care of it for over a decade, for most instances, is a lot more expensive. Having a professional image of your dog is priceless. As a photographer, I started taking better photos of my dog long before moving to Tokyo. My love of photography helped me throughout the years to have beautiful images of my dog.

Are you looking to hire a pet photographer in Tokyo? Look no further, and contact me for a fantastic pet photography session in my cozy home studio. I would be delighted to get to know you and your gorgeous pet and create for you fantastic images to share on your social media or print them out on a big A3 format of your choosing. I promise to treat you with a coffee while I get to play with your dog.

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