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Cherry blossom photoshoots are always in demand in Japan. As a portrait photographer, I love to shoot all over Tokyo, and I know the best locations, in and out. Almost.

The Cherry Blossom Forecast reports for 2021 shows that Tokyo will be hit by Sakura starting with the 23rd of March, with the peak around the 21st of March. It is quite a narrow window to schedule family shoots under sakura trees, and with all restrictions in place, traveling to areas away from crowds may be more desirable.

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Cherry blossom photoshoot away from Tokyo’s most crowded places, but easily accessible

In Japan, cherry blossoms bring a real fiesta for locals and tourists alike, called hanami or “sakura viewing.” One of the most busy and cheerful times for me as a photographer is during sakura season photoshoots. Hopefully, this year, I will shoot unique portrait sessions filled with beautiful moments that are beautifully complemented with the cherry trees.

Couple portrait in Naka Meguro during Cherry Blossom Season
Couple photoshoot in Nakameguro, during Sakura Season

The above couple portrait is from before the pandemic, around Meguro River, one of the most popular and crowded places where people go for hanami. I don’t recall seeing such a happy crowd anywhere else in the whole world. During this cherry blossom photoshoot, I could see thousands of people taking photos and selfies with some of the Planet’s most delicate flowers: Sakura Flowers.

As you’d expect, I’m in love with everything around Sakura, and I do have thousands of photographs I took in many instagrammable places around Japan’s capital. One of my all-time favorite places is away from Tokyo’s crowds, somewhere in Kohoku, Yokohama. You can read all about this place in one of my earlier articles by clicking here–including the Google Map Pin. It’s a hidden little stream of water, but absolutely amazing. Ammaaaazziing!

I’ll give you some tips if you visit this place, namely Jiang River. Nearby is a conbini where you can buy candy and leave your car for a considerable time(not the whole day, because it wouldn’t be polite, and you might not find the vehicle on your return). If you’re late, on the other end of the stream may be a huge blue box from a respectable Swedish furniture retailer where you can enjoy free parking and cheap hotdogs to appease your hunger. Use caution whenever you leave your car at places for reasons you shouldn’t; it may become very expensive if it’s considered you are trespassing.

Family portrait session with a vacation photographer in Japan during Sakura | Cherry Blossom Season

As a professional photographer based in Tokyo, I understand that every family desires a photoshoot surrounded by beautiful cherry flowers. I, too, am planning a few shoots for my family. I will probably order a hardcover photo book to ensure the photos will be in a physical form and not only digital, forgotten somewhere on a hard drive.

This year I will probably have to take fewer cherry blossom family photo sessions due to the pandemic. I never know when the state of emergency will be declared in Tokyo and surrounding areas, directly impacting me. Safety and health are of utmost importance, and I don’t want to spread the virus around with my actions. This year I have only once used public transportation, always restraining myself from going to crowded places, especially indoors.

Cherry Blossom Photoshoot

I love people, and I love being surrounded by people, and these times are particularly hard for me. No people, not much photography, no micro traveling to discover tiny, gorgeous places. I’m fortunate to have found many places and beautiful people, although the times are strange these days.

Plan and secure today your cherry blossom photoshoot for your beautiful family by pressing the contact button down below. Thank you for reading my thoughts, and please do check out my article about the fantastic place I recommend you visit during Sakura Season. 

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