Headshots Photography in Tokyo for a Talented Piano Player

As an English speaking photographer based in Tokyo, I can tell that headshots photography is in high demand. We all live in a dynamic society where people always need a headshot to update their LinkedIn profile or submit their resume using an updated image showing off their likeness. 

Individuals and companies alike can take advantage of headshots photography by hiring a professional photographer to create amazing headshots to satisfy different needs, be it a CV or an internal company newsletter. I have done the latest headshot session in my home studio for a young and talented piano player. And I must say, Ernie has talent in front of the camera too.

In this blog post, you will be reading about the following:

Headshots photography in my home studio

I use my home studio mainly to create portraits and headshots, focusing on the quality of light I use to create images that showcase the personality and the likeness of any person. It’s my job and dedication to make you look the best in the photographs I create. I will hand over six professionally looking images, three headshots, and three portraits (from the waist up). Retouching is also available to perfect small skin imperfections.

Besides headshots photography, my home studio is the perfect place for pets. If you click here, you read more about my passion for shooting pets in the studio environment.

Headshots Photography by Cristian Bucur Photographer in Tokyo
Studio headshot by the Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur

I feel very fortunate to be a photographer based in Tokyo. I have the chance to meet a lot of fantastic people, from musicians, dedicated IT specialists to professional models who dedicate their lives to be in front of the camera, see here more about a night shoot in Odaiba.

Booking a headshot session can be as simple as clicking here. I know that many people can fear the time in front of the camera, but worry no more, I will guide you through all the steps to be as relaxed as possible before, during and after the shoot. I have even written an article with the most common five reasons for feeling uncomfortable during a photography session. You can read it here, and I promise you’ll feel better after reading it.

The story behind the images: talented piano player living in Tokyo

As I said at the beginning of this article, we live in a world with a very dynamic society where the demand for photography, implicitly headshots photography, is higher than ever before. Ernie needed the images to update his social media, and most importantly, to have an updated headshot to use for his submissions to perform as a piano player for different occasions. You can see down bellow one of his performances:

I have asked Ernie to tell me about his music journey, and he was kind to share his story:

Music has been part of my life since I was born. My mom sang in her youth, and my father was an avid disk collector; however, both were unsuccessful in learning piano in their youth. I believe this frustrated dream motivated them to make one of their children learn the piano. When I was four years old, I started taking organ classes, but it was not until I entered elementary school that I took weekly lessons with a classmate’s grandmother. She studied at the music conservatory in Mexico City and taught me until 2012 before coming to Japan. She was not only a teacher, but another grandmother to me.

When I moved to Japan to study International Business at Sophia University in Tokyo, I continued playing as a hobby; however, it was not until I started playing at the University’s festivals and parties that my interest grew. I joined online classes and pushed my skills even further, learning some compositions and improving my interpretation skills. Until now, one of my biggest challenges was being an accompanist for a musical theatre workshop held in Tokyo, which made me realize how far you can go if you have passion and discipline for your craft.

What an inspiring story! The last sentence is very special to me, as I can relate to my story as a headshot photographer. Indeed, passion and discipline are the keys to perfecting my headshots photography and myself as a person. I believe that the better I become as a photographer, the better person I am. You can read more about me here

Headshot by Cristian Bucur Photographer in Tokyo
Studio headshot by the Tokyo Photographer Cristian Bucur

Are you looking to hire a headshot photographer? Look no further and contact me now to book a headshots photography session in my home studio.

If you are a company, I can help you maintain your regular schedule with no or little impact on it by visiting your headquarters and bringing along all the equipment I need for headshots photography.

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