Family Portrait Session in the magical urban nature of Tokyo

The capital of Japan is a dreamland for every family portrait session. The multitude of options to choose from for family photoshoots may be overwhelming; that’s why I have a list of favorite places I like to shoot as a Tokyo family photographer. One area suitable for an outdoor shoot in urban nature is the Tama River(park). Its shores are wide, full of green vegetation (if it is not trimmed), which turns multicolored in the gorgeous autumn.

Tama River shores are filled with designed soccer, baseball, and golf fields alongside a shared path for walking, running, and cycling. Thus, it is a fantastic place for families who want to spend time outdoors with their children. And yes, because it’s an open space, family portrait sessions can be spectacular during sunrises and sunsets while maintaining the social distancing needed these days.

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Tokyo Photographer | Family Portrait Session

As a Tokyo professional photographer specializing in family photography, some of my favorite sessions are in the rich urban nature. Shooting in very touristic parks like Yoyogi or Shinjuku Gyoen National Park with its multitude of various Japanese gardens or less touristic places like Tama River shores is always a pleasure.

Family portrait during an autumn session, image by the family photographer in Tokyo Cristian Bucur

Every family portrait session is unique. I always focus my energy to capture in the photographs I create each member’s personality, continuously trying to be as authentic as possible. As a Tokyo family portrait photographer, I feel very fortunate because the four seasons are very distinct, making any season a perfect time for new updated images. Be it spring or autumn, the fantastic colors each season brings is a reason to celebrate and capture them in the background of your family’s photo.

Nowadays, many people choose for their family portrait session a documentary or a lifestyle photography approach or a mix of them to better suit their needs to showcase their lives in the Land of the Rising Sun’s capital. As a relentless family photographer, I can only be happy because of this. My style includes shooting with giving little directions or only capturing what happens in front of my camera without intervening.

Family photography around Tama River, not far from Futako-Tamagawa Station

As I have wrote in About me in my description, besides photography, I love cycling. Most of the time, I go cycling alongside the Tama River, going West, up to Ome city, and sometimes beyond. Cycling is an absolute advantage for me as a photographer because I could recommend a different place on Tama River shores, probably for the next hundred family portrait sessions.

The more I went West upstream, the more beautiful places I have found on the Tama River. The color of the river’s waters changes dramatically once it hits the more rocky terrain, making for outstanding views, fantastic picnics, and barbecues. Closer to the sea, there aren’t many trees on the East side compared with the deep forests of the Westside. Upstream, it is possible to do rafting and rent out barbecue places where the charcoal is provided by the kilogram if I’m not wrong.

Do I recommend Tama River for a family portrait session? 100%! It is one of the closest most massive outdoor places readily accessible from Tokyo. The amount of crowds I could see over the years, various events organized, alongside fireworks festivals on the Tama River’s shores, makes it a fantastic place for families with children to go out and enjoy nature.

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