Family Photographer For Hire During Tokyo Olympic Games 2021

As a family photographer based in Tokyo and Yokohama, I can only hope the Tokyo Olympic Games will eventually take place in 2021 and that Japan will open to tourists. Many theories are flying around, keeping people confused over this topic, while no one can say with certainty what will happen.

The local economy suffers due to the lack of tourism, and I don’t quite make the exception. Luckily, Japan has announced officially that the government is ready to approve the existing vaccines against Covid-19, which will hopefully make safe any public activities. Many people don’t feel comfortable to travel places, with many families not even considering a photography session.

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Family photographer in Tokyo during the Olympic Games

As a family photographer based in Tokyo, I am lucky to tackle other photography genres to support my little photography business. These days, headshots in the studio are at the top of my revenue income. And for a good reason, because headshots cover a market need, family photography can wait until it is safer because it’s not a necessity.

Tokyo family portrait photographer; Senior Session at Kitaguchi-hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine during vacation in Japan.
Senior family shoot in Kitaguchi-hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine

While I am not a Covid -19 specialist by any means, or any other virus for that matter, I hope the Olympic Games will take place. For the sake of history and the sheer amount of money Japan has already spent preparing for the event. Japan needs tourists, and so do I. As an English speaking photographer, my pool market are people with whom I can communicate. It’s the local ex-pat community or the tourists. Since The Land of the Rising Sun has its borders closed to tourists, I can only provide services to those living here.

Traveling around Tokyo, I could see uncountable places where ads promote the Tokyo Olympics. Everyone really was all about the Tokyo Olympics until the pandemic happened. I must say, it took a while before Japan finally admitted they have to cancel the event. Last year around this time, there were countless job ads related to the Olympics, from drivers to, well, you name it. These days, on January 15h, 2021, there aren’t any cues to wake up the giant workforce needed to make real such an important event for the whole world.

Tokyo Family Photographer

While I was eager to shoot and provide my photography services to anyone requesting, I could help during the 2020th Tokyo Olympic Games; what I will do if the Games will take place in 2021 will rather largely depend on the outside factors than my own will. Keep reading, and I will tell you my conclusion.

Are the outdoor family photography sessions safe during the pandemic?

Are the outdoor family photography sessions safe during the pandemic? This is a fair question, to which I wish I could give a straight answer. As a family photographer, I can never guarantee, nor I can say that you may or may not be safe, virus-free, during a family photography session.

As a matter of fact, as a Tokyo family photographer, I can assume that during an outdoor family portrait session, you can share the same chances of getting infected with Covid-19, like during an everyday walk in the park with your family, without being photographed. Going further with the assumptions, scheduling, and going through with a portrait session shouldn’t pose any more threats of getting infected than going to do your groceries at Costco (lately, I avoid going because it’s crazy packed these days).

The above are my own personal thoughts, and they are not legally binding, nor do they represent a valid, official, and specialist opinion. Please refer to your city ward and official medical entities for official facts and follow the local rules and regulations.


What is my conclusion? As a Tokyo portrait photographer specializing in family photography, I will answer positively to any requests for photography services in Japan during the Tokyo Olympics, unless otherwise specified by local authorities. In fact, I am using common sense, and I refrain from using public transportation while reducing any unnecessary travel altogether.

As a professional photographer, my main goal is to give you a safe, beautiful, and friendly experience throughout the shoot, with a big emphasis on the word SAFE.

As always, if you need to hire a professional photographer based in Tokyo, all you have to do is to press the contact button below and let me know how I may help you anywhere in Japan. 

Of course, a big thank you for reading my articles.

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