Fall Couple portraits in the magical Shinjuku Gyoen National Park

Shooting couple portraits sessions in Tokyo while wandering around the magical Shinjuku Gyoen National Park during fall is one of my favorite ways to enjoy photography. Couple portrait photography is always magnificent, and each place from Tokyo enriches every session with uniqueness, setting it apart from one another.

Autumn photography sessions for couples are top-rated throughout Japan. And for good reasons, the Land of the Rising Sun is surprisingly beautiful. The largest city in the world, Tokyo, tops it all. For a good reason, it’s full of unique Instagramable attractions alongside the urban nature from parks like Shinjuku Gyoen National Park.

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Couple portraits during fall sunset in Shinjuku Gyoen National Park

Probably one of the most popular and easily accessible places in Tokyo for outdoor couple pictures is Shinjuku Gyoen National Park. Only a couple of minutes walk from Shinjuku train station; the park is open from nine(9) AM to four(4) PM all year round, with only one day a week being closed. A small admission fee of 500 yen per person is required for each adult visiting the park.

Full address of the Shinjuku Gyoen National Park is:

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
11 Naitomachi, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0014, Japan
+81 3-3350-0151

Although it might be crowded, depending on weather conditions and days of the week, it makes for fantastic sunset portraits during the golden hours, like in the image down below of this young romantic couple.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Park is one of the biggest parks and gardens in Tokyo. It was initially the Naitō Family residence during the Edo period, but turned into a public park in 1949. The garden has three access gates: Shinjuku Gate, Okido Gate, and Sendagaya Gate, where Tokyoites can spend time in the most significant urban nature in the center of the city.

The park was almost completely destroyed during World War II; rebuilt and reopened in 1949. It packs three different types of gardens.

Cherry Trees in full blossom in Shinjuku Gyoen National Park
Cherry Trees in full blossom in Shinjuku Gyoen National Park

The Japanese Landscape Garden is the oldest one, featuring large ponds, islands, and bridges that make for amazing couple portraits or families with kids eager to explore the surroundings. The other two main gardens within the Shinjuku Gyoen National Park are The French Garden and English Landscape Garden, featuring expansive lawns surrounded by cherry trees that transform into the park’s main attraction during every spring.

Shinjuku Gyoen is also amazing to visit during the autumn when the leaves change their colors. There are a lot of different types of trees, changing colors around the park. The most appreciated trees are the maple trees, incredibly gorgeous during autumn, which can be seen in large numbers around the Japanese Garden and Momijiyama on the park’s eastern side.

Autumn photography sessions for families or couple portraits are an experience I recommend to anyone visiting Tokyo during any season. The leaves change colors usually from mid-November to mid-December, making for great backgrounds for timeless portraits.

Couple's Portrait in Shinjuku Gyoen National Park

Being a freelance photographer for couples, I can shoot at any location in Tokyo or Yokohama. I can either recommend places to shoot at or go to your favorite spot. For couples, some places have deeper meanings. It may mean the place they first met for the romantic couples or the place where they started to hold hands.

Couple photography sessions are very important; most of the time, it consolidates the relationship and validates it “real,” revealing their beautiful love story to friends and family. As a portrait photographer who is a convinced familist, nothing brings me more joy than photographing future families, Save the Date Sessions, capturing the couple’s portraits for decades to come.

In other words, as you can read on every page on my website:

Frame your Life Stories

As a professional photographer in Tokyo, this is the motto I have set and drive my photography business, putting at the highest level of attention the experience I provide to my clients during the wide range of photography services I provide, one frame at a time.

Because this couple’s photography session was so special to me, I’m genuinely looking forward to shooting their surprise proposal, and I bet I’ll burst into tears. Yes, tears, you read that right. For some time now, I have become more and more sensible, and it seems that life is transforming me emotionally, making my heart softer than ever. Thus, I appreciate any elopement and pre-wedding events (weddings too, especially those that start the party at six(6) PM and finish at seven(7)AM 🤩—-that was the case of my wife’s and I wedding party).

If I were to give you any tips for a successful couple portraits session, I would resume to only one: be yourselves and live the moment like you’d be alone on an island during a romantic picnic. Leave away the worries and thoughts and smile, hug, and kiss as you please. I will make sure to capture and document, in an artistic way, every moment you share with me so you can remember your entire life the couple portraits I made for you.

Couple portraits

Couple portraits in Tokyo, be it in Shinjuku Gyoen National Park or anywhere else, are the norm these days. I have set three packages to fit any taste and budget.

The Bronze Photo Session is the most affordable and a perfect balanced photography package for those on the run, lasting only one hour. You will receive a set of up to 20 digital images, in full size formatted in JPGs, ready to print and frame for your home and office. This package is perfect for couple portraits during all seasons.

The best of the bunch:
The Silver Photo Session is the one I recommend to most families and couples because it’s flexible and allows enough time to photograph every member in two (2) nearby locations(traveling times are free of charge, of course). You will receive up to 40 full-sized digital photographs ready to print at your convenience. I am already pursuing some options to print photo books for couples and families to ensure you will never lose them.

For those who have the time and energy, The Gold Photo Session is the way to go. It ensures multiple locations within 60 minutes of each other and a total shooting time of 3 hours, enough to create a minimum of 60 photographs, full-sized digital files, and ready to print at your convenience.

Autumn Couples Photography Session

Shooting couple portraits in Tokyo’s urban nature is an experience every professional photographer should cherish because it is a very direct and personal experience. I know how I feel during the outdoor shoot with the couples who have trusted me already this autumn. The symphony of colors the autumn offers is an essential part of the shoot. On top of this, I always make a personal connection with everyone in front of my camera. And that is of utmost importance for me.

Like most photographers, I hate being in front of the camera; simultaneously, this allows me to understand that my job goes beyond being only a photographer. I always try to exceed the expectations, giving my clients an utterly fantastic experience, focusing on the shoot’s human aspect rather than the purely technical aspects. Before any couple portraits shoot, I council with information about locations, what to wear during the photography session, or how to pose, leaving no worries to you, but to enjoy the time spent in front of my camera.

Couple portraits wearing masks
The realities of 2020 and Covid-19 force us to use masks even during photoshoots. For this particular couple portrait, they had to keep the masks on while a crowd had passed us, and then I took another shot without masks on.

Autumn colored leaves combined with late sunset golden hour make for unique portraits, with colors otherwise impossible. Although I edited the photos you see here, I use no filters and gradients to color, meaning the colors you see were in the original file I shot in the first place. I always have an internal debate on how to pose couples and how to edit the images afterward. For me is an ongoing process where I always look to create the most amazing couple portraits I can in every situation.

Are you looking to hire a professional portrait photographer to schedule a couple portraits session? I’d be delighted to hear from you, and I am only a button away to give you the best experience ever during a photography session.

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