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As a professional Tokyo photographer, I couldn’t keep the camera inside my backpack, so I enjoyed shooting event photography for a gorgeous exhibition of a “mix of modern & traditional Japanese Art.” As a bonus, I shot my first runway show by @naka_rana. I am thrilled to have been able to visit a friend’s art exhibition, especially because we have collaborated in the past-producing amazing night portraits. Supporting each other in these challenging times is the key to keep things going.

Kana has focused the entire exhibition titled “The Chemistry,” around one unifying theme called Japanese “Wa.” She organized it using various types of Japanese Wa and flowers using six teams of various artists, from videographers and photographers to jewelry artists—more about that below.

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The Chemistry | Event Photography

As Kana herself said, “this is the new art & fashion event of collaboration with many talented artists who have the theme of Japanese “Wa” & various flower arrangements inspired from Ikebana, and directed by Kana.

She is a friendly person who likes communicating with people. One day she realized so many artists around her were not good at communicating or advertising themselves to new people. Still, they wanted the opportunity to introduce their art, fashion, or beautiful products.

Then she decided to hold the event to introduce them with beautiful & creative photos, videos, and a real runway show. She could have done it only in the online world in this harsh season, and it would’ve been much easier because of many reasons like costs, risk, schedules of everyone, preparing all stuff etc.

Event Photography in Tokyo
Kana doing what she knows best: perform a perfect runway show!

However, she decided to hold the exhibition in a real venue, at Tefu Yoyogi Uehara. She already knew it would work well for everyone involved when people meet each other, have a conversation, and see their creations in person.

It took about one year to hold this event. It was sometimes hard to plan, explain, adjust, act, change, and get over some unexpected happenings.
Sometimes the toughness made her cry.

But finally!!! Thanks to my team & amazing guests, it became a fantastic event!!! Kana was so impressed because so many people gave her heartwarming feelings at the end of the event. She hopes the exhibition will create future opportunities and become a part of someone’s beautiful & exciting future!”

Attending such a well thought exhibition was an honor and a chance to keep my event photography updated, primarily because of the lack of events these days.

The Teams and Concepts

The teams involved in making this exhibition have all devoted a lot of passion and energy. The symbiotic and seamless works of art made by the photographers, artists, videographers using Japanese Wa and flowers have created a beautiful gallery for all attendees. As a photographer based in Tokyo, I wish I was a part of such a beautiful project. Hats off to everyone involved.


The other part of the exhibition focuses on the concept of Wind, both physically and metaphorically. 

Kana remembers: “We had a shooting at Miura coast in January when there was a super cold day with snow.”

The artists who joined that shoot are:

Yu Kushizaki, who have a long experience of Japanese “SHODO,” and now expresses her new art using her skill of SHODO. Yu, created and wrote the “Wind” on the see-through fabric, and the famous poetry that the theme is “Alive.”

Fuji- a creative flower artist, creating various flowers from fabric, and she made a very cool flower mask & head accessory for that shooting.

__kino.__, a talented freelance makeup artist.

Photographer in Tokyo


A princess’s world, a life motif that many girls are dreaming of worldwide. The team’s collaboration was around hand-carved ethical tiaras, beautiful and elegant kimono dresses, gorgeous and world-class art jewelry, and sweet illustrations that make you dream.

Photographer in Tokyo

The handcrafted tiaras were absolutely gorgeous, and it caught my eyes from the first few seconds after entering the exhibition venue. The redesigned Kimono dresses made me desire there was an equivalent for men too. I quite fancy wearing clothing made using old traditional materials but sewn with updated design features.

As a photographer, I am interested in seeing jewelry because I am fascinated by the craft of making them; without the artistry, jewelry would be simple periodic elements, carbon(diamonds), gold or silver, and for the richest of us, platinum.


The future team has, as the name suggests, focused on the future aspect of the exhibition. We live in a world that continues to evolve at a dizzying speed. Various flowers drawn with graphics, costumes for some futuristic hair and makeup moods. A beautiful kimono umbrella born from kimono overlaps there, and I feel the possibility of the ever-evolving traditional beauty of Japan.

Photographer in Tokyo


Ikebana’s beauty and dynamism created by the artist, the kimono bag carefully made one by one from the kimono obi, and the accessories inspired by flowers and kimono. The image changes depending on the viewing angle, and it is profound. You can discover different attractions in two places, the Japanese house and the Tokyo Tower at night.

Photographer in Tokyo


If not at Narita Airport, the biggest airport in Japan and the gates to the Land of the Rising Sun, then where? Premium lounge, a unique space at Narita Airport where people from all over the world come and go, with heartwarming souvenirs and memories to talk about with families and friends an entire lifetime. 

Photographer in Tokyo

The team called world has created a new collaborative concept that expresses the world’s continents with beautiful national flowers and clothing showcasing Japanese art in a modern and stylish way was born.


The pure concept is illustrated by the pristine beauty of the white flowers. They are not dyed in any color, and the walls’ power is almost inspiring. The kimono originated in Kyoto, which has an incredible design sense, alongside with the jewelry of flowers that shine exceptionally beautifully captures the people’s hearts.

Photographer in Tokyo

Italian Fashion Brand Rossorame

Italian luxury fashion brand evokes passion as a stylish brand widely loved by many celebrities and Olympic Gold Medalists and participates in the Milan Collection and other global collections.

This time, the collaboration between model KANA and Rossorame is born for the first time in Japan and Italy.

Photographer in Tokyo

Artists working together for a fabulous event

Having the opportunity to see and meet such amazing and talented people, learning about their craft, was genuinely inspiring. I was a simple guest impressed with all I was witnessing. All I could think of was to play my role as an event photographer to create images of the exhibition, a way to give back a little something to remind the artists of their success.

The venue, Tefu Yoyogi Uehara, which is close to Yoyogi Park in Shibuya City, as the name suggests, is a large, welcoming place, perfect for such delicate and beautiful events. Maybe a photography exhibition of my own, who knows? Until then, I will be happy to shoot another event at this location with all my equipment for event photography.

Hopefully, the times will change soon, and the opportunities to do event photography will arise more often than now, as I am a big lover of all kinds of events.

During the event, I met a fantastic Ikebana artist, Saihou Ozono. You can see some of his work here

According to Wikipedia, Ikebana is:

Ikebana (生け花, 活け花, “arranging flowers” or “making flowers alive”) is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It is also known as Kadō (華道, “way of flowers”). The tradition dates back to the Heian period, when floral offerings were made at altars. Later, flower arrangements were instead used to adorn the tokonoma (alcove) of a traditional Japanese home.

Ikebana reached its first zenith in the 16th century under Buddhist tea masters’ influence and has grown over the centuries, with numerous distinct schools extant today.

Ikebana is counted as one of the three classical Japanese arts of refinement, along with kōdō for incense appreciation and chadō for tea and the tea ceremony.


I believe I’m a blessed professional photographer living in Tokyo, with many opportunities to attend memorable events and meet fabulous artists and people.

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