Does it snow in Yokohama while Cherry Flowers are in full bloom?

Cherry flowers and snow? Hm. I’m going to answer the question from the very beginning. This is a question to which most people(including me) would have answered until last weekend with a big smiling face saying a big NO. Yet, nature has its own way to spice things up from time to time. Luckily for me, I am a photographer ready to shoot at all times. I knew the fairytale will last only for a short while, so I rushed out to enjoy.

Although spring has come and Cherry Trees are in full blossom with beautiful Cherry flowers, the past weekend has brought over some parts of Japan a thin layer of watery white snow. This phenomena doesn’t usually happen in Tokyo Metropolitan Area and there are explanations why it doesn’t happen often which I’m not going to cover in this article. When the snow does fall, it will only last for a little while, exactly how it has happened this past weekend. Winter wonderland is brief but charming sight to see. Down bellow you can see a short movie recorded with my iPhone on the street I live. Later on I’ll post another video I made during a bight sunny day in Seseragi Park from Yokohama.

Snowing on the street I live in Yokohama

This time around, the snow fall caught me at home, in Yokohama. I always enjoy snow and especially snow fall, when I want to be outside and enjoy shoveling it. Or just simply be outside and enjoy watching the calmness of the snow flakes coming down from the sky.

The past Sunday (29th of March 2020), I got to enjoy this rare phenomena in Yokohama. Needless to say, I used my bare hands to clear the snow off of the flowers and off of the car, just to be able to have a little bit of winter sensation. 

Snowing in Yokohama, Tsuzuki-ku, Japan, March 2020
Snowing somewhere in Yokohama

After that I decided to take my camera and walk around my neighborhood taking a good few photos while snowing. I might actually be the only one in the whole neighborhood  to go out with an actual camera to capture and document the mood of the moment; after all, I’m the only professional photographer in know around here.

My walk has lasted for about one hour, during which time I had only seen a hand full of people and just a couple of kids playing with the snow. It is always interesting to see my neighborhood changing over the year and this past weekend managed to make me very happy.
Although maybe a sad scene for some, this was for the first time I could see Cherry flowers covered with snow. Most people aren’t that happy to see such a rare sight.

Very near my house there is a little kids park that’s usually full of children paying cheerfully. This time there were only 2 of them who managed to gather some snow and build something which looked like a snowman. Amazing how fast kids can do something only by playing.
At some point, one of my neighbors came out the house only to take a couple of photos with his phone and then he has rushed off inside the house.

Cherry flowers covered in snow

Cherry flowers in full bloom covered with snow; image by Cristian Bucur Photographer in Tokyo
Snowman in a local small park in my neighborhood in Yokohama

Wish I was in downtown Tokyo this time so I could Frame more Life Stories, with more people in my photos. It’s probably not the best time around …

I know that parts of the world are now quarantined and for a while now I refrain myself traveling by public transportation for no good reason (I actually don’t travel if is not a must) and I only use my personal car, even though the Japanese government doesn’t enforce any travel restrictions. Strange times we all get to live these days due to coronavirus (COVID19).

Until next time, I let you enjoy the gallery I made with the snow and Sakura photos from the tiny cozy neighborhood I live in Yokohama, not until you see another movie I made very recently in another nearby park. There are some Cherry Trees too covered in snow. For more “traditional” Sakura images with nice weather click here to find out the best place ever for family photos under Cherry trees.

Another Park in my area, during a windy, yet sunny day

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