#myballerina Project

Living in Japan got me the chance to meet new people and get to know a little about them. This is how I first met Ambre and her boyfriend for a photoshoot I did for them as a couple at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo (read here more about that beautiful day). Fast forward a few months later in the spring of 2020th, because I knew Ambre was a dancer, I contacted her to ask about ballerinas, if she knows someone through her dancing club who would like to collaborate to bring my side photography project to life. This is how I got to know her story about dancing passion and how far back it goes since she was a very young child. After explaining her my ideas (not very precisely I could say) she was already saying yes to my project. More than that, she also introduced me to her friend Sayako who is also an amazing ballet dancer.

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Ballet Photography, Photographer in Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Cristian Bucur

Ballet Photography- #myballerina, 1st project done in Tokyo

Finding the time and energy for ballet photography, #myballerina project, was the best decision I ever made.As a professional Tokyo photographer, I always wanted a unique photography project, even if its uniqueness was only for me. Thus, ever since I have moved to Japan, I wanted to start a project that wasn’t subject to a […]