Couples Portraits

Couples portraits are essential to document yourselves at the early stages of your relationships and Tokyo is the perfect place for a session. Couple photography happens mostly not long before weddings, as a pre-step to turning into a family, usually for Save the Date sessions or for that beautiful presentation slideshow before the wedding start.

Couples portraits

Taking a couples portrait during their vacation in Tokyo is an opportunity for Cristian Bucur to see familiar places from Japan with fresh eyes and excitement. The capital of Japan has an incredible array of locations for couples photography sessions, having a little something for everyone.

Couples visiting or living in The Land of the Rising Sun, are choosing places like Minato Mirai in Yokohama for Save the Date sessions which is one of the most popular prewedding steps.

Cristian is a professional photographer who takes pride in how he does his couples photoshoots, using natural light or complementing it with flash photography, using simple directions to make you shine even more.

For the photoshoots that take place in the most known tourist areas, he doubles as a local tour guide while taking couples portraits, giving insights about the place while also sharing what he has experienced at that specific place before.