Corporate Events

Catherine Forte Debut Show | Musician Concert

Documenting Catherine’s music debut show as a professional photographer was a fantastic experience because I like her music!

| Creatives United

Pics_Japan has organized an event for many creatives living in Japan: photographers, videographers, models, makeup artists, musicians, art directors, film directors, and more.

New Otani Hotel |Press Conference

Photographing this press conference was one of the best experiences as a photographer in Tokyo. Probably the closest I will ever get to the Rugby world.

SCCK | Gala Dinner

I had a fantastic time shooting this exquisite Gala Dinner organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in South Korea at Grand Hyatt in Seoul.

The Seoul Real Estate | Presentation

Photographs taken in Seoul(South Korea), showing the speakers of The Seoul Real Estate company during a presentation.

Kidde Fire Systems
| Products and solutions presentation

One day seminar held for fire protection showing the company’s high-tech systems and products.