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As an event photographer, I couldn’t pass on the invite to my friend’s exhibition at Spiral Art Center in downtown Tokyo. My plus one was my camera so that I could shoot some portraits of my friend, his artworks, and the event in general.

It is always a privilege and great joy to see other photographers’ work on display during exhibitions. The abundant artwork range in Japan is enormous; anything from Kintsugi to futuristic designs and approaches.

On 19 September (2019), I was invited to a corporate event held by the automaker Fiat. For the occasion, they have collaborated and put together the photography exhibition with the main focus on Round Sakura (Sakura photos exhibited in vintage round frames) made by the photographer Marco Ferri with the occasion of Fiat celebrating 120 years of existence. The exhibition took place at the beautiful venue at Spiral Art Center in downtown Tokyo.

Marco Ferri's Portrait taken by Tokyo Photographer Cristian bucur
Marco Ferri’s Portrait

Marco Ferri is an Italian artist who’s work has had developed over the years, gathering inspiration from different cultures and parts of the world. He’s been living and working with a photo agency in Milan, followed by an international move to live in Shanghai.

Now he works and creates his artwork in Tokyo. This place has inspired him to come up with the concept of his Round Sakura Exhibition. To be more exact, Marco has discovered out about the local Japanese technique to repair broken pottery, which holds the name Kintsugi. This Japanese technique is a form of art in which the craftsman is using golden alloy to stitch together the pieces of broken pottery to enrich its value. Following the principle of this form of art, Marco has taken the concept a step further. After making and printing out his Sakura photographs, he’d rip them apart only to have to “repair” the photos again using golden glue and paint. I hope I didn’t get that wrong- the glue part. ūüôāIt is brilliant to find a way to bring life in a different form to something that has already been used by so many others.

Photographer in Tokyo
Marco Ferri’s artworks

I’m hoping one day I will have my photography exhibition with my printed photos inspired by my experience during my living in Japan. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy living on the outskirts of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area with my family (my wife and our dog Tzitzy) and not be a tourist on a short vacation.

Photographer in Tokyo

Leaving aside the artisan part of the event, Fiat has organized a fantastic event for its craft celebration of no less than 120 years! Many reporters have covered the business side of the corporate event from newspapers and television. After all, I didn’t think I will be the only photographer covering such an important corporate event. Although my interest was mainly for my friend’s artwork, I couldn’t pass the snacks, and the champagne served by the hospitable staff. Everything has been making the evening a lot more cheerful for the guests.

Marco served me a precious lesson. Always one needs to find the strength to seek a new meaning and a new way of seeing things that surround us, even though at first sight, everything may look ordinary.

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