Child Portraits

You love your child’s energy and joy for life, and their impish streak is charming…until you want to get that one photo that’s a keeper

Admit it. Photographing your kid is a nightmare. They’ve got on a cute outfit, you found the spot in Metro Manila that makes the ideal backdrop, and the late afternoon light is just perfect. What a picture that would make. If only you could get them to stay still, stop making faces, or look at the camera. C’mon – you’d be thrilled if they’d do just one of those things.

You can read all the ‘how-to’ lists about photographing your child that you want, but it won’t help you get that one magical picture 

Kids of all ages are impossible to photograph. You want to capture the moment, but they have their own independent personality that you usually love – but not so much right now. It could be a toddler that won’t stay still long enough for an in-focus shot or an older child whose face contorts into some weird expression you’ve never seen before every time you say “cheese.” Or perhaps it’s a teen that glares at the camera like they’re on the cover of Just Kill Me magazine. No amount of begging or pleading will get you the photo you’re after.

The school photos from the ‘professional’ photographer never quite come out right. They’re always a little awkward and the lighting is too harsh. It’s always a struggle to select one that you’re not completely embarrassed to show family and friends. Those photos were taken by someone that was on the clock and had been dealing with kids all day. Quite frankly, they’d run out of patience (much like yourself after your 20th attempt to snap a quick pic of your kid).

Honing my skills and developing my timing over the years allows me to help your child relax and be themselves. If it takes 45-minutes to get that one perfect shot, I’ll be poised and ready to capture that moment when it presents itself. You’ll get that picture of your son or daughter that you’ll cherish for years to come. 

Bronze Photo Session
1 Hour Shooting Time
Single Location (Bonifacio Global City)
Up to 20 Edited High-resolution Photographs

₱ 5.000

Silver Photo Session
2 Hours Shooting Time
2 Locations* (Bonifacio Global City/Metro Manila)
Up to 40 Edited High-resolution Photographs



Gold Photo Session
3 Hours Shooting Time
Multiple Locations* (Metro Manila)
Travel time, time for wardrobe changes are not included in the shoot time
Minimum 60 Edited High-resolution Photographs