Lifestyle portrait at Zojo-ji Temple
Lifestyle portrait at Zojo-ji Temple
Catherine Forte on stage Photograph
A Snapshot of Tokyo’s Underground Music Scene

  • A Snapshot of Tokyo's Underground Music Scene
    Last Thursday, on the 13th of February, I was the official photographer covering the event for the debut show of Catherine Forte in downtown Tokyo in a cozy and interesting venue named Mame Romantic (Haretara Sora ni Mame Maite). The venue is quite hard to find if Japanese language is a barrier (it is for … Read more
  • Lifestyle and Casual Portrait Photographer in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
    Lifestyle Portraiture nowadays had become a photography genre by its own, in my own opinion. It’s more popular than ever in this digital era. I’m not going to impose my own opinion on this topic and is all right if there are other views. Lifestyle portraiture for me as a professional photographer (especially since I … Read more
  • One Event, many creatives in Tokyo, Japan
    Last week, Fabien Sena had texted me about a casual social event in Tokyo, meant for meeting like minded artsy people: models, photographers, make-up and hair artists as well as other creative people. I have to confess, I knew about this from my friend Raluca Sandra Moore of Asia Group Shoots by Sandra Moore Productions … Read more
  • Pet Photographer in Yokohama. How I started to learn and love human’s best friend Photography in my little Tatami Studio. Tips and tricks.
    Photographing Pets has a lot in common with “regular” portrait photography. Making a successful animal portrait requires not only an equal amount of technical skills necessary for human portraits but also a great understanding of pets behavior. And a lot of love and passion.  Yorkshire Terrier during studio photosession in Tatami Studio If there is … Read more
  • Story of the Worst Day I have chosen to visit Instagram worthy Hot Spots in Tokyo, Hie Shrine (Tokyo’s own like Fushimi Inari Shrine) and Tokyo Tower
    This travel article was born after I decided to leave comfort of my home during the extreme heat that covered the entire Japanese Island last summer. After being prisoner days after days due to summer high heat and high humidity, I finally decided to go out and explore sites in Tokyo. After all, I was … Read more
  • My Photo Travels during the first month after I become a “local” in Japan
    A year later after moving to the Land of the Rising Sun I decided to write about what I have done in the first month living in Yokohama. You’d probably think that wasn’t much…. well, it kinda was: I have been walking more than 100km according to what my iPhone was counting for me. View … Read more
  • Vacation & Street Photography during the Japanese Cherry Blossom, also known as Sakura
    Last year, in January, my wife and I have moved in Japan after living for five years in South Korea, a place that has grown on us and had become something we proudly have called Home. Slowly but surely, our time spent in Tokyo and Yokohama has made the Land of the Rising Sun feels … Read more
  • Couple photography session in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo
    Now I finally get to blog about my favorite couple photoshoot in Tokyo. Well, to be more precise, it did happen in Roppongi Hills, a place that gives me as a photographer a lot of options to play with the light and shadows, different backgrounds, like Tokyo Tower or just a plain park scene. Roppongi … Read more
    In Tokyo there are many parks and Yoyogi Park is one that can be quite amazing. You can simply have a stroll around the park, bring your favorite pet or enjoy free performances from people dressed in 1950s attire who would dance or sing. Yoyogi Park has risen interest to me because of two main … Read more
  • Family Portrait Photographer in Tokyo
    November was a busy yet a beautiful month for me as a photographer based in Tokyo Metropolitan area. Beautiful weather and great temperatures only helped me and the clients I had to spend a great time outdoors. My clients are ranging from professional models, individuals, pets, families, Goldsmith and Jewelry maker (@diaroxx) and even a … Read more
  • Professional Photography Session for a Bodybuilder
    Last time I had photographed a bodybuilder/fitness athlete  was in Seoul, South Korea. That time around was my Serbian friend who has been competing for Asia Grand Prix, Figure Pro Qualifier. I was quite stoked when she contacted me “ You live here in Seoul? Im here for competition” as I knew she had moved … Read more
  • Portrait Photography Session
    A while back, Daria and I have made a plan to meet at Tokyo Station and explore the area in order to get her some portraits. If you wonder who Daria is, she describes herself as “siberian girl in Japan” and you can follow her personal blog on Instagram here, where she posts photos from … Read more
  • Portrait Photoshoot in Asakusa, Tokyo
    A while back I heard from Jay who is from Singapore, that he wants to have some outdoor portraits done. Please allow me get this straight from the beginning, Jay is a dream client for any photographer in Tokyo or beyond.  Photograph taken in Asakusa, Tokyo My first thought went to what location to go … Read more
  • Vacation Photographer Based in Tokyo
    It seems like a coincidence and a repetitive action, but as a vacation photographer I got yet another opportunity to photograph another Italian in downtown Tokyo. As you probably remember, first Italian I had “shot" was Marco Ferri, an amazing artist. Her name is Camilla,  and she is an Italian woman who has lived abroad … Read more
  • Pet Photography in Tokyo: Snake, Budgie, Pit Bull, Rabbit
    I should probably start this article saying that photographs in this blog post are straight out the camera, no edits other than applying my logo. You probably know already that while I love being a photographer I am too a dog lover and owner of an Yorkshire Terrier that has been traveling for quite a … Read more
  • Corporate Events in Tokyo
    It feels almost like a life time since people would have called me a “corporatist”. You know the type, white shirt, black tie, black or grey suit, black shoes.  Wearing a suit was my second nature, and it felt good. Can you blame me? After all, I was working in the baking system, the one … Read more
  • Family Portrait Photographer in Tokyo- newest in town
    My love for the art of photography has been hidden deep in my artistic soul. I remember as a child when my mother would show me black and white photos of her parents; photos taken when they were young.  I couldn’t believe my eyes what a great looking family they were. Those black and white … Read more
  • Pet Photography in My Tatami Room
    Being a photographer involves equal amount of dreaming and desire to develop and improve photographic skills. It's been a while since I wanted to have my own photo studio and moving in Japan, was the trigger to make it happen. I know it's not downtown Tokyo, but you know what they say: one step at … Read more
  • Fiat Golden Art Exhibition
    It is always a privilege and great joy to see other photographers' work on display during exhibitions, and Tokyo has plenty, every day. The abundant artwork range in Japan is huge, anything from Kintsugi to futuristic designs and approaches. On 19th September (2019) I had the privilege to be invited to a corporate event held … Read more
  • Save The Date
    Time to meet Phillippa and her fiancé Shunya. Beautiful inherited ring A while back I had talked with Phillippa and her fiancé about a Save the Date photoshoot. After exchanging text massages via my Facebook Page we decided to meet in Yokohama area, which is fairly close to where they live. Phillippa is a British … Read more