New Atmospheric & Fabulous Night Portrait Images in Tokyo

In my carrier as a photographer in Tokyo, shooting night portrait images are essential. Creating fantastic portraiture at night is addictive, and I love it! The colorful city lights are an excellent tool for creating stunning photos documenting portraits under a dreamy atmosphere.

Using the Nippon Rainbow Bridge as a background in my photos was such a fantastic idea, and probably makes for one of the most “expensive backgrounds” I ever used. More down below.

Portrait at night in Odaiba with Rainbow Bridge lit in the background

Portrait Photography at Night | Tokyo Rainbow Bridge in the Background

The idea of doing portraits during night time is one that’s long been seeded in my heart. The first time I had a portrait shoot at night was years ago when I was doing the first steps to dive into flash photography. After researching the best spots for night photography in Tokyo, I had a winner, a place that ticked all the boxes. I’m explaining below what I mean.

The Odaiba area is a fantastic place for a night shoot, primarily because of The Rainbow Bridge lights, which can double as the background for my photos. Because of the model’s skills, as you can see, most of the photos have a twist of fashion photography at night. Many people visit the place to see fabulous sunsets; thus, it was an easy decision to shoot here. Photographers love the site because it is in high demand for photo shoots and sunset or night photos. 

The Rainbow Bridge, according to Wikipedia, has its name from the people:

“The Rainbow Bridge (レインボーブリッジ, Reinbō Burijji) is a suspension bridge crossing northern Tokyo Bay between Shibaura Pier and the Odaiba waterfront development in Minato, TokyoJapan. It was built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, with construction starting in 1987 and completed in 1993. 

The bridge is 798 metres (2,618 ft) long with a main span of 580 metres (1,903 ft). Officially called the “Shuto Expressway No. 11 Daiba Route – Port of Tokyo Connector Bridge,” the name “‘Rainbow Bridge” was decided by the public.”

according to Wikipedia.

Because outdoor night portrait photography is a little more demanding technically speaking, it doesn’t happen so often. Thus, when most of us are seeing a portrait taken during the late evening or at night, the visual impact is more significant. And for a good reason: night photography is impressive, no matter the genre.

About the model | Available for hire in Tokyo

You already know about the fantastic talented Japanese model Kana with whom I was already working for a different set of images in the same area (I read the previous blog post where you can see the other collection of photos).

“Kana is a model and dancer/art director based in Tokyo. Kana’s specialty is blending contemporary Japanese fashion with western modern pop fashion sensibilities.“

Her background in dance, coupled with natural posing talent, is making her a fantastic model. Not having to direct the posing during the shoot, gave me a great deal of liberty to focus on the shooting techniques as you can see below in the gallery, some poses were captured while testing out the exposure after changing flash power.

Everything happened so naturally that even when Kana was stretching out during breaks, the portraits turned out to be beautifully posed. When I think about the result, some of the images are fantastic fashion photography, a genre I tackled very little so far.

I have said it before; I love passionate people. I feel inspired and take my energy from working with such amazing people. They serve me with inspiration and push me through rough times to keep it going.

I love portraiture. I love night photography, especially in Tokyo, which is a fantastic city.

Kana’s story as a model is an ongoing path of success. As a portrait photographer in Tokyo, I am sure we will work again to create amazing images.

Personal branding night portrait shoot in Odaiba-Tokyo, with Rainbow Bridge lit in the background
Personal branding night portrait shoot in Odaiba-Tokyo, with Rainbow Bridge lit in the background.

Why I love being a photographer?

Photography, for me, wasn’t the first choice in following a carrier. I have two bachelor degrees that have nothing to do with me becoming a professional photographer.

I have left behind a promising carrier in the banking system. I left behind even my home country, following a dream, and living a beautiful life with my wife in many foreign countries.

The experiences accumulated are invaluable. Living out of my comfort zone, changed and shaped me as a better person. It took a lot of courage (and craziness) to get out leave my family and friends behind.

I never dreamed of living in Japan, but here I am. Living the dream and working as a photographer based in Tokyo.

Night portrait shoot in Odaiba-Tokyo, with Rainbow Bridge lit in the background
Amazing night portrait of Kana

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