Athletes Portraits

Athletes portraits are striking. Sports photography for bodybuilders, cyclists, fitness, runners, skiers, and snowboarders is unique, and I always take advantage of that perfect body to create stunning images! Having flirted in the past with sports like bodybuilding, running, cycling(to this day) allows me, as a photographer working in Tokyo, to better understand the efforts put into becoming successful at your favorite sport. Therefore, I am always relentlessly trying to capture the best of yourself, creating amazing photographs to preserve your absolute best appearance.

Ski and snowboard photography session in Japan

Mohammed | Bodybuilder Portraits

IFBB Marsela Ilic | Fitness and Bodybuilding Portraits

Shooting for a fitness champion is an essential task. Apart from winning competitions, documenting and preserving the athletes’ appearances through photography are the most pleasant memories they can have for their entire life. I create timeless athletes portraits that you can print out and proudly display in your home through my scheduled sports photography sessions.

Hamid | Cyclist Portraits

Being an amateur cyclist myself, I know the long hours needed for committed hard training. Cycling photography holds a special place in my heart. Athletes portraits, to me, are as important as medals, serving both as an art and history proof of your accomplishments. No matter your position on the podium, in my photographs, you are a winner.

Why is it important to have your athlete portrait taken when you are in top shape?

My sports sessions are for everyone, no matter the scale of your training, be it a professional athlete or an absolute hobbyist. However, there is a critical point that I would like to share with you.

Would you ever compete in a competition when you aren’t in peak physical condition?
The above question is probably the best way to explain the importance of booking your athlete photography session when you are in peak shape. It’s the next best thing you can do except being the winner of a competition.

To have successful athletes portraits, you don’t have to be a competing professional. Your drive to stay healthy and sweat hours and hours are an excellent reason to document and preserve your current likeness.