Will I be happy to leave Tokyo to be a photographer in Metro Manila?

Working as a freelance photographer in Metro Manila was never something I ever thought about, although I know quite a few fantastic people from the Philippines.

Yet, here I am, living temporarily in a hotel in Pasay City. I know; people have already advised me to be extra cautious in this area. So far, I have only met friendly, welcoming people. Hoping that will be the case for the next couple of years.

After arriving at the hotel from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, my family and I had a beautiful surprise from the hotel staff: a very thoughtful welcoming package for our dog, the first pet in the hotel’s history to be a guest.

Photographer in Metro Manila

Considering working as a photographer in Metro Manila was never the case, but so it was my Asian experience, to begin with. Over eight years had passed since using chopsticks had become second nature to me.

Photographer in Metro Manila? I’m not even sure what that means. For me.

Sure, if I were a travel photographer. While loving to take photos during travels, I still consider myself a portrait photographer. People are my thing, and creating portraits for them makes me happy. Whether in a photography studio or outdoors in a local park, I could shoot all day long to create that one image I strive for.

Photographer in Metro Manila

Did I mistake leaving Tokyo to be a photographer in Metro Manila? The ramifications of this question are so complex that I think this is a question that must be answered later. Living here for a couple of weeks is not nearly as “enough” to have an opinion.

However, I know what it takes to feel well and have a wonderful happy life. It takes a home: an apartment where my family and I can retreat from the daily chores to feel safe and cozy. Because I have basic needs, I’ll be over the moon to photograph. Studio shoots combined with casual family sessions in a local park(I’ve been eyeing some places in Bonifacio Global City) could keep me busy seven days a week.

Corporate Headshots Photographer in Metro Manila

While living in Seoul, South Korea, cycling has given my life a new meaning. In all honesty, researching for photography industry in Manila was the second thing I studied about the Philippines. The very first thing I researched was cycling. That’s because I know that besides the obvious health benefits, cycling is an opportunity to meet people and discover the country on an otherwise impossible level. Instagram (click here for my account) could be a great way to learn and discover places, but nothing compares to finding out with your own eyes.

So many ideas and thoughts are randomly going through my mind right now that I think, for the moment, I should keep things relatively short to avoid becoming annoying.

Are you looking for a photographer in Metro Manila? Send me a message and let me know about your project; I’d love to help.

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