In Tokyo there are many parks and Yoyogi Park is one that can be quite amazing. You can simply have a stroll around the park, bring your favorite pet or enjoy free performances from people dressed in 1950s attire who would dance or sing.

Yoyogi Park has risen interest to me because of two main things: 1950s rock fans  who gather there on Sundays and the pets…. I meant to say pets’ outfits. As a photographer I am always looking for interesting things. Trust me, Tokyo doesn’t lack in events.

Although pets in Yoyogi Park are mostly dogs, they… are more special than anywhere else. Here I have seen the first time in 2014 so many dogs’ outfits that I even didn’t know they existed. If you think a pair of jeans for your dog will suffice… there is also hair stiles to consider as well as hair dye.

Pet and owner: portraits for everyone

Before I take you to a different direction on this article, I shall remember why I was  there last time and that was because Heike and I had scheduled an outdoor photography session, together with her pet, a beautiful Maltese named Blanche.

On the day prior to the photo session Blanche has visited a pet salon where she had her hair groomed, nails trimmed and all the rest of the normal care needed in order to look at her best. Taking care of a fluffy thing that likes mud is not as easy as it sounds because Blanche’s hair color is … what the name suggest: white. (Blanche in French means white 🙂 )

Although I have never asked Heike to do this, it is in fact a very good tip if you want to schedule a photoshoot with your pet.  Taking care of your best friend shouldn’t happen only before a photography session with a professional photographer, that’s a given I suppose 🙂

Heike is a German National living in Tokyo. She works here as an entrepreneur being a Goldsmith and jewelry maker. As you may have guessed already, she lives together with her Maltese Blanche, her best  and only coworker. 🙂

On the day we met near by Yoyogi Park entrance and on our way to the photoshoot spots, she was kind enough to share with me information about her work and life in Tokyo, the challenges and the good stuff she had already experienced in Japan. I was very thankful she had shared quite a bit of information and hopefully that will help me in the future in my entrepreneurship adventure as a professional photographer based in Tokyo and Yokohama. 

From the beginning I fell in love with Blanche and she is a natural poser in front of the camera. As you can see, her eyes makes anyone to meltdown in a heart bit. Making Blanche’s portraits was easy enough because Heike had trained her fluffy Maltese well and her responsiveness to commands was impressive for a small dog. It would be great to see Blanche in my Tatami Studio for a pet session too.  I must say, I love photographing pets in studio settings because it allows me to focus on their personality using controlled lighting setups and of course, there are less distractions.

Because the photo session in Yoyogi Park was about the bond between Heike and her little white Maltese, I had to stay focused and ready to capture any interesting interaction between the two. 

Taking Heike’s portraits was rather easy as she is a successful and a very good looking woman. She’s an entrepreneur in jewelry industry and I can bet it isn’t easy, but what comes easy these days?

The entire photoshoot went on like simple walk in the park, with stops here and there for more photos, listening to Heike’s life stories in Japan.

Being a portrait photographer comes in with great opportunities to meet new people all the time and find out inspiring stories. It is no wonder why I have in my logo the association between my name and “Frame Your Life Stories”. I truly believe that whenever I make a portrait, be it for a human or a pet, it will tell a story, or more stories, because we are all different and we see differently.
Cristian Bucur Photography- Frame Your Life Stories it goes beyond just a logo, it’s deep, it is personal my belief as a photographer.

Cristian Bucur Photography- Frame Your Life Stories it goes beyond just a logo, it’s deep, it is personal my belief as a photographer.
Blanche expecting treats from her mama

If you are already living in Japan and in need of portraits for yourself or your family, or your beloved pet for that matter, all you have to do is contact me to schedule a photography session and I will be delighted to be your English speaking photographer anywhere in Tokyo or Yokohama.


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