Portrait Photography Session

A while back, Daria and I have made a plan to meet at Tokyo Station and explore the area in order to get her some portraits. If you wonder who Daria is, she describes herself as “siberian girl in Japan” and you can follow her personal blog on Instagram here, where she posts photos from her trips and experiences.

Daria playing in the light breeze on the terrace

As you probably know, Tokyo Station has a lot of history  which dates back to 1914 if I’m not wrong. Hey, don’t jump to Google, this is a photography article after all 😉

After meeting Daria in front of Tokyo Station, we head to a near by terrace on 6th floor which gave us a beautiful view over the station building and the surrounding area. If you plan visiting Tokyo Station and wonder what else is in the area, well, there is the Imperial Palace too, only a couple of minutes away. Now, let’s go back to the terrace we’ve been to, which is beautifully designed and “fiercely guarded” that no one steps on the grass part of it… which I did touch with my backpack 😉 Needless to say 5 seconds later a cute overly polite guard came to me to explain that is not allowed to leave my backpack on the green. In this regard, I must note that I have never been into a country that is so polite, hat’s off Japan! (And now try imagine me trying to bow properly like a Japanese;) )

Daria against the skyline around Tokyo Station

After moving my backpack off of the grass, I continued photographing Daria and all went smooth. Because she lives in Japan way before me, she turned into an impromptu tourist guide for me and we took off towards the Nihonbashi Area. As a local photographer who lives in Tokyo I have a lot to learn about places because this city, as I said in other blog posts, is huuuge. One step at a time and I’ll eventually conquer this city.

On our way we stopped in different places to make some street shots against the skyline in downtown Tokyo.  We had so much fun as Daria is a very cheerful person who smiles and plays with her hair all the time. This had made my life easier behind the camera as her personal portrait and travel photographer.

It is worth mentioning that if just in case you want to schedule a photoshoot and choose the Silver Package I have prepared,  I shall mention that the Tokyo Station is also very close the the Imperial Palace. This makes it a good pairing for two hour and two location shoot.

While crossing a street using an underpass, I saw this beautiful photograph which turned out to be one of the selected photos that Daria handpicked all by herself from the proofs.

After not so long we reached Nihonbashi and the most famous place for Instagram photos. We spent here a little while chatting about different things we see and experience living in Tokyo. Time had past so fast, especially for me, as I love photographing.

Portrait in Nihonbashi, one of the most chased place of Instagramers

We concluded the portrait session in Nihonbashi area which is in the city center of Tokyo and we split in opposite directions to catch the subways we needed. This makes me to remark that this is an area with many public transportation options.

In case you plan to visit Japan or already live here and need a local photographer based in Tokyo Metropolitan Area, feel free to contact me (button down bellow) and let’s chat about what you want. 

Outdoor portrait using natural light

Keep an eye on your favorite photographer in Tokyo because as already promised in other blog posts, new and more posts will follow with the same topic, my photography experiences. Probably I should hurry up an write them as soon as possible after the photoshoot sessions so I can remember more details 🙂

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