Family Portrait Photographer in Tokyo- newest in town

My love for the art of photography has been hidden deep in my artistic soul. I remember as a child when my mother would show me black and white photos of her parents; photos taken when they were young. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes what a great looking family they were. Those black and white photos were the only way for me to ‘meet’ both of my grandpas [grandparents or grandfathers?], due to the fact that I never had a chance to meet them in real life.

From a young age I was able to partly understand and cherish the power of photography, which in many instances can be the only evidence available to prove our existence.

During my school years, my parents hired professional portrait photographers to capture my portrait for posterity on the last day of every year. [Of course, at that time cameras used film to record images as the digital age hasn’t arrived yet.]

Family portrait in black and white
Black and white portrait of family of six members!!!!!
Photo of me while on my way cycling from Seoul to Busan.

One of my other hobbies in life is cycling. I love to go outdoors for long distance cycling, my current record for one day being 225km. Through cycling is how I met Cristian and other buddies who were part of a local cycling club. They helped me find many cycling paths and taught me useful things to know and do while on or off the bike. The cycling community is large and growing everywhere. It is made up of people who end up spending lots of money because the sport isn’t the most affordable one. The many improvements made over the years means that my current bicycle is more aerodynamic and has better components than the ones that professionals were using to race some years ago. Crazy, right? That’s how unbelievably fast our twenty first Century world develops. 

Here you can see the photoshoot I did for an avid cyclist a while back in Korea close to the Sakura Season. The story will follow in another blog post sometime in the near future when I get some inspiration to write yet another story.

Fast forward a bit and my cycling rides had brought to me the first family in front of my camera. And not any family, but one that has 6, yes, six members! How awesome is that? It was an amazing afternoon spent in the park with this lovely family with four kids: one toddler, one girl and two boys. Needless to say, at first the little boy wouldn’t want to leave his mother’s lap, but later on he was ready to take over the entire photoshoot and boss around everyone, provided that his mother wouldn’t go farther than tree meters away from him.

Toddler portrait in a park, youngest son of the family
Child portrait

The father, who’s name coincidentally is just like mine, Cristian, is a pastor for the Seoul Union Church(I hope I got that right). His wife Ica is the family’s hero as she takes care of all the members, even doing home schooling with her beautiful children. I truly believe she’s a very strong and powerful woman to be able to keep everyone on track, including her husband! 😉 

Great looking couple: best mother and father
Husband and wife, Ica and Cristian

If you wonder about the family’s children, well, they all are bright, fun, well-educated with great manners. Lastly but not the least, beautiful kids. Did I mention smart too?

The oldest child, a very handsome boy, has a smile that will make a lot of young ladies turn their heads around when he’ll become a young gentleman. I have a feeling the middle boy will become a successful businessman. He’s very sharp and awesome boy.  For the smallest family member (close to five years old now), I predict he’s going to become a politician. The way he’s started to rule the family’s photoshoot, man, I’m telling you, that’s one to one leadership!
Last, but not least, the only daughter should inherit her mother’s personality and become an even stronger, and beautiful woman.

Three boys, one girl. Brotherhood.
The kids gang, three boys and one girl

For this lifestyle photo shoot I have chosen to shoot out in open space, in a beautiful park settings.  Because I like experiment, this time around I had brought with me professional lighting equipment, flashes, light stands, softboxes, all the gear needed to experiment with off camera lighting techniques. I also prayed that the wind wouldn’t blast off any of my lights. Indeed I was a lucky family portrait photographer with no incidents affecting my photographic equipment. (Or were the family’s prayers who helped me? 🙂 )

Young boy’s portrait
Young boy portrait

You see, that’s why I love being a portrait photographer, I get to see such fine details that otherwise I wouldn’t be able. You probably know all those TED talks, where the speakers tell to the big crowds: “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” 

And this is exactly how I feel, fortunate to be able to do what I like the most. Being able to capture a family’s feelings in my photographs gives me a genuine feeling of a great accomplishment. Of course there are other photography subjects that give me plenty of satisfaction. One of my favorite way of spending recreational and fun time is to capture the street vibe in downtown Tokyo and believe me, this town is huge, with plenty of occasions to capture its Heart and Soul. There is an abundance of street fashion and plenty of life happening all around in this humongous city. The entire metropolis has more inhabitants than my whole home country. Exactly, I’m still picking my jaw off the floor. 

Afternoon view over downtown Tokyo from 28th floor in Akasaka.

Afternoon view over downtown Tokyo from 28th floor in Akasaka.

Moving back to my first family photo shoot, of course there were some posters in between the trees I didn’t see at the time. Being a perfectionist comes at a cost, time wise. After doing basic adjustments in Adobe Lightroom Classic, I had to get into Adobe Photoshop and carefully remove those banners mentioned earlier in this blog post. Easy photoshopping job on me this time as I’m no expert or retouching artist,  but I know my way around. Oftentimes having to remove air conditioning units alongside with other small details. How cool is to be able to do this? Pufff 

Mom, dad, here I come to photobomb your portraits.

Somewhere on the building in the background was an air conditioning exterior unit. 😉

At the end of our photo session all seven of us have headed to fill up our stomachs with home made pizzas by Ica, Cristian’s wife, you know, the hero mother I was mentioning earlier. It so happens that she is not only and amazing mother and wife but a great cook too. 

So, in a matter of less than two hours I have created stunning photos and to top it all, I also got fed. Awesome, isn’t it? 

Keep an eye on my blog to read about what other situations I have been experiencing as a photographer. Soon I will start to write about my travels throughout Japan and the world.

As always, please press the button bellow to get in contact with me and I will answer all of your questions to the best of my ability. I would love to hear from you and shoot your photography session in Tokyo (or Yokohama for that matter). This would make me very happy! 🙂

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