Pet Photography in My Tatami Room

Being a photographer involves equal amount of dreaming and desire to develop and improve photographic skills. It’s been a while since I wanted to have my own photo studio and moving in Japan, was the trigger to make it happen. I know it’s not downtown Tokyo, but you know what they say: one step at a time. I assume there is no single cameraman, anywhere else in this world, who wouldn’t like to have his own little play ground.

So, one day I just decided to transform the Tatami Room I have available (a Japanese traditional room, with specific interior look paved with mats) into a photography studio, somewhere in Yokohama.
Some of the first steps were to order the tools needed. I started with solid textile backgrounds and for that I went with back and grey colors, followed by stands, , clamps, reflectors, etc. Basic things needed to start producing photographs. I know there are better and more spacious photo studios owned by others, but this is enough to start with and develop the skills needed to work studio lights. At the moment I’m using strobes (flashes) because I had them from before. Flashes are especially good to photograph on the go, due to their small size.

Got the things needed to get me started, but… how about subjects? Well, here comes into play my little dog Yorkie:

Let me introduce you properly my Yorkshire Terrier:

This is TziTzy.
Now don’t think he was an easy subject… no, no. At first I had to bribe him with snacks to sit on the table. By the end of the studio photo shoot, he wouldn’t want to go down 😛 Regardless of his small size, this dog has personality.

This is one of the first test shots I took of my dog and as you can clearly see, he was more interested in the lighting equipment than looking at me.

It even made me craving of his pet snacks, wish I had some for myself as well! I can tell you that he was enjoying.

This is how my little home studio setup in a Japanese Tatami room looks like.

I never thought before of doing this kind of job, but after the experience with my dog I’m telling you that this line of work is a very rewarding experience(not to mention there are 0 potentially complaints 😉 ). Therefore, in case you’re a pet owner and you would love to have some great looking studio portraits of your dog, cat, rabbit, snake (and the list can go on) just shoot a message pressing the button down bellow, I am definitely your local pet photographer in Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

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