Save The Date

Time to meet Phillippa and her fiancé Shunya.

Beautiful inherited ring

A while back I had talked with Phillippa and her fiancé about a Save the Date photoshoot. After exchanging text massages via my Facebook Page we decided to meet in Yokohama area, which is fairly close to where they live.

Phillippa is a British National who has been visiting Japan many times over the last 5 years( I hope I got that right) both for vacation and to study Japanese Language in one of the many Universities available in Tokyo.

And guess what? During her visits here she managed to find the Love of her life, Shunya, with whom she will have her wedding very soon. Isn’t great that people can find their Soul Mates so far away, on opposite side of the Planet? Well, for sure it is amazing!
Meeting Phillippa and her fiancé was one one of the best experience as a photographer since I have moved to Japan. Amazing people who truly love each other, full of joy and patience.

On the day of the photography session there were a lot of people having fun and enjoying being outdoors, especially because on this specific day the cooler temperatures made their way on the Nippon Island.

Phillippa was very kind to leave a review on my Facebook Page:

“Cristian took some beautiful Save The Date photos for us. We felt really comfortable and he was friendly with his directions. Thanks to his eye and skill we got some unforgettable shots against the Yokohama Minato Mirai area. We will treasure these photos! Highly reccomended. Thank you again!!”

What can be more rewarding as a than to receive such a kind feedback?

It was such a great time to get to know you guys, let alone being your photographer.
Until next time.

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